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York Maine Wedding Rentals

York Maine Wedding Rentals

Sailcloth Tents Crafted Only by Sperry

Sailcloth Tents Crafted Only by Sperry
Sperry: The Ultimate Wedding Tent Rental

Like you and your loved ones, each of our Sperry Tent Rentals is unique. Hand sewn in the tradition first begun by sail maker Steve Sperry more than 30 years ago, each Sperry Tent is crafted from authentic sailcloth.

Today, a second generation of sail makers continues to create quality, artistic, one-of-a-kind rental tents to transform your wedding into an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime event.

At Sperry Tent Rentals, we embody the company’s tradition of attention to detail. Sperry Fabric Architecture (SFA) handcrafts every Sperry Tent in the company’s post-and-beam manufacturing facility in coastal Massachusetts. Still family-owned and operated, Steve Sperry’s sons, Matt and Tim Sperry, lead SFA and Sperry Tent Rentals respectively.

For a family rooted in New England and bound to the sea, the Sperrys spent three years circumnavigating the world on a sailboat _ it is simply second nature to focus on Yankee ingenuity, making a quality tent, by hand, in a traditional way.

When you see a Sperry Tent, you’ll undoubtedly notice the difference immediately. Still sewn from authentic sailcloth, each Sperry Tent has genuine polished wood center poles hand crafted of native spruce at an historic 1930s New England sawmill.

Sperry’s elegant rental tents and their outdoor ambiance complement any outdoor event, from cocktail parties to wedding rehearsal dinners, outdoor family gatherings to corporate events.

Always dreamed of an outdoor wedding or destination wedding? At Sperry Tent Rentals we will create the ultimate outdoor space for romance with your wedding tent rental, even on uneven terrain or over an in-ground pool. Our floored wedding tents, available in a myriad of sizes, all with wooden center poles, are ideal for your guests’ comfort and a night of dancing.

From electrical service to heating, we have thought of all of the details to make your special event the envy of your friends. Our concierge level service provides you, your wedding planner or your event planner with professional advice on producing a destination wedding to remember with the ultimate tent rental. We coordinate an array of unique tent lighting, elegant wood flooring and all of the accessories from tables and chairs to glassware and flatware.

Choices abound at Sperry Seacoast, where we take wedding tents to another level. For lighting, options include perimeter string lights, brushed nickel onions, Asian lanterns, candelabras, bistro lighting and flood lighting. Choices for flooring include handcrafted full English Chestnut or barn board floors, bandstand staging and dance floors.

Our elegance extends to the availability of rental covered boardwalks, covered walkways and marquees, as well as our trademark tent pennants and clear tent sidewalls that may be installed in sections to protect against a breeze.

Pampering you is our number one business. Even if your plan is to be married under the stars or on a sandy beach, call on us for your rental of a “rain plan tent.” Having an elegant Sperry tent rental at the ready will assure your guests have a place to take a break from the sun or wait out a rain shower. Simply put, reserving a tent rental for your guests relieves any stress you may have regarding the elements.

Considering every detail, Sperry Tent Rentals also offers the optional service of a trained professional Sperry attendant on the day of your event. Your personal attendant will be there two hours before your event to double-check the lighting of your choice, adjust the wedding tent sides, whatever you need.

At Sperry you’ll discover the pride of producing high-end weddings shows in the details of our tradition and concierge-style service and in the best tent rentals and the best wedding tents.