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Area (sq. ft.): 1,661
Perimeter (ft.): 144
Max Capacity Seated: 80 guests
Max Capacity Non-Seated: 170 guests

The 46-foot tent can accommodate 80 guests at 5-foot round tables of eight guests. However, most events need space for other items such as a dance floor, catering tables or bars, so seating capacities vary with each individual event. The 46-foot round tent is often used for smaller dinner parties, barbecues, or cocktail parties. The diagrams show two set-ups for this tent. The first diagram shows a cocktail party or rehearsal dinner event for 96 guests at 5-foot round tables of eight guests with an 8-foot bar and 19-foot catering table.

The second diagram shows a dining and dancing event with a 16’ x 16’ dance floor. This event layout accommodates 80 guests at 5-foot round tables of eight guests.

We will gladly create a custom layout designed for your event, but use the diagrams below to help decide which tent(s) will suit your needs.

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