Irish Wedding Customs, Superstitions, and Lucky Traditions.

5We have all heard the expression “the luck of the Irish”. When a bride begins planning a wedding based on Irish customs, it is very true that much of what she does will be based on trying to bring good luck to the marriage and to shun bad luck at the same time. Irish weddings are rich with traditions, some of which are very familiar to Americans, and others which may not be. From Claddagh rings to beautiful marriage vows to mischievous fairies, this is a look into the wedding customs, superstition, and lucky traditions of Ireland. Read the rest of this entry »

6 Tips to Not Be an Annoying Couple on Social Media

13We spend a good amount of our free time scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, and at least once a day we look at a post that makes us say “Oh god, why?” Everyone knows “that couple,” and you, my friend, are one beautiful new relationship away from sliding down the slippery slope into Annoyingville. (Population: You two.) Before you post, please abide by these rules for sharing your joy without ruining ours.

#1 We’re following you, not both of you.

Although this may seem impossible, some people want to keep up with the happenings of one member of the couple and not the other. It’s awesome that your boo is working sohard toward his goal of running a 5k, but we’d follow him if we wanted the full play-by-play. (We don’t.) Your ‘gram, your life. This is also a good time to note that “joint couple Instagrams” should be tried as a felony. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Things You Can Expect During Your First Week Of Being Engaged

Arnold Wedding2

Jen Glantz

The question has been popped and so has a bottle of champagne! You’re engaged and your excitement level is knocking on the ceiling as you celebrate with family and friends. You start deciding when and where you’d like to get married, and process all the other small details that come along with your journey through the wedding adventure.

But know that you’re not alone through it all! To get you started, here are five things you can expect during your first week of being engaged. Read the rest of this entry »

8 Things You Didn’t Realize Annoy Your Bridesmaids

21Annie Gabillet

Bridezilla? Who? Me? Of course, most brides want to avoid being high-maintenance. But with all the pressure of planning a wedding, you’re bound to take some of it out on your bridesmaids or simply let things fall through the cracks. In order to be the best bride and friend you can be, we asked former bridesmaids to share their subtle – and sometimes obvious – wedding pet peeves. Here are eight things you didn’t realize were annoying your bridesmaids, plus practical tips for avoiding these mistakes.

  1. Expecting All Your Bridesmaids to Be BFFs Automatically

Why it’s annoying: Chances are many of your bridesmaids have never met. When you throw together strangers with various personalities sans any introduction, awkward email chains and bridesmaids tiffs can result about anything from the trivial bachelorette party favors to the important wedding speeches. Read the rest of this entry »

The Latest Travel Trends for Couples

31From family-moons and mini-moons to Jack ‘n Jills – the newest getaway trends.

By: Jenna Mahoney

In the days of yore the traditional American honeymoon meant about a week spent on a mountain or a beach vacation secreted away in the boom boom room. More globally, it was a time for the couple to set up their home and to get to know each other. In Jane Austen’s era, well-to-do newlyweds used that time to travel to see relatives who were unable to attend the ceremony. These days, the honeymoon is still a time to connect with each other — but in a variety of ways — and it (as with all wedding-related travel) has morphed to reflect a language all its own. Here we dissect the latest terms in the nuptial travel realm.

This is a great solution for those who don’t have enough vacation days, are hosting a destination wedding or are choosing to wed somewhere that isn’t home and still want a romantic getaway after the nuptial celebration. This quickie vacation is two to three nights and doesn’t preclude you from taking a longer, more formal honeymoon later. Get destination ideas here ►

One or both of you have kids, and your parents are happy to babysit. A time to bond together as a new family (like ), this multi-generational trip is usually built around a destination wedding.

This vacation is the last hurrah before having a child. It celebrates your union and the upcoming expansion of family. It’s usually three to four days and totally laid-back. Plus: More things you should do before having kids ►

Jack ‘n Jill
Not exactly romantic, but definitely fun, the concepts of both the destination bachelor and bachelorette party get in sync here. Usually one day of the weekend jaunt is gender-specific (think: golf, steaks, ribs and blackjack).

Girls’ Weekend
This is your moment to just breathe. Unlike a bawdier bachelorette weekend, the girls’ weekend is more about prepping for your upcoming wedding in a mind-body-spirit way than a scavenger hunt/shots/bikinis trip. The focus here is getting the bride in shape holistically for the wedding — eating well, exercising and spa-ing. The girls’ wellness weekend concept isn’t limited to your lady pals, and often includes moms, new MILs and a favorite aunt.

Inspection Trip
As the desire for destination weddings continues to rise, so does the need for a pre-wedding hotel once-over. Various resorts offer incentive weekend visits for couples to test-drive and ultimately choose to wed on property.

Engagement Getaway
This is for those of you who are dropping hints to the BF — there are loads of resorts around the world that have romance concierges. And while these specialized hotel employees can assist in putting together the most romantic itinerary packed with honeymoon-perfect activities, they can also help your guy create a fairy tale proposal. Some hotels and resorts even have proposal packages. Read the most heartwarming proposal stories ►

Elopement Package
The largest uptick in the romance-travel sector is the planned elopement. Just-the-two-of-us packages include all the traditional bells and whistles — intimate ceremony, celebratory meal, some flowers and photos — without the hassle of an engorged guest list.

Did you know? The concept of a honeymoon — the first month of marriage when the union is sweetest — appeared in Western culture in the 16th century.

10 Reasons to Love Winter Weddings

Sperry Tents Winter Benefit Event

Sperry Tents Winter Benefit Event

Winter weddings are growing in popularity — December is now the #3 wedding month for BG brides, behind May and June — and with good reason. Harriette Rose Katz, a top wedding planner in New York City, breaks down the top 10 reasons why winter weddings rock. Read the rest of this entry »

The New Rules of Wedding Etiquette

18In the world of wedding hashtags, up-to-the-minute status updates and tweets, we bring you the most common social-media-related wedding faux pas—and discuss what to do instead. (You’re welcome.)

By Simone Hill

If You’re Planning Your Wedding

Call your parents before pressing “post” or “tweet” to announce your engagement.
Your close friends and family will want to hear it straight from you first.
A Facebook status or tweet might be the most efficient way to get the news out, but it’s not the most personal. You know which friends and family members would appreciate to hear the news directly from you. Plus, it’s likely that older family members (like your grandparents) don’t have Facebook or Snapchat accounts and could miss the message altogether. Read the rest of this entry »

At-Home Wedding Reception Planning Secrets

23Sentimental? Yes. Simple? Not always. Here’s what you may not know about planning a backyard wedding celebration.

When it comes to weddings, there really is no place like home. Maybe your parents have an amazing lakeside house, or Grandma has that perfect country cottage. But odds are your childhood homestead isn’t quite prepared for 150 wedding guests, 75 cars, 20 waiters, 15 tables, and 1 happy couple. Although it may be more work (and more expensive) than you anticipated, you won’t regret saying your vows in the place that means the most to you. It’s all about being prepared for what it takes to throw a wedding in your very own backyard.

You Need Room to Say “I do”

Does your setup have enough space for all your guests? If not, you’ll have to start trimming the list. Don’t mistake overcrowded for cozy. If you plan to use a combination of indoor and outdoor space, know that if the weather takes a turn for the worst, everyone will need to fit indoors. Will there be enough space in, say, the living room, to set up white folding chairs with a wide enough aisle? The general rule is six to ten square-feet of floor space per guest for row-seating. Read the rest of this entry »


Geri_and_Eric_1136By Isabel Hicks –


It’s the most wonderful time of the year – for a wedding! If everyone comes together at this time of year, so why not make the most of it and celebrate your nuptials, too? We love a Christmas wedding here at Wedding Ideas, so here are some of our favorite theme ideas to get you in the festive spirit… Follow the link for the complete story

Host Your New Hampshire Wedding at Wentworth Buy The Sea Country Club

Wentworth By The Sea1

Surrounded by the coastal waters of Portsmouth, the historic Wentworth by the Sea Country Club offers a timeless backdrop for your New Hampshire wedding. You will enjoy a beauty and history that cannot be offered by any other private country club. With ocean views and natural landscaping surrounding the 18-hole championship golf course and the contemporary tennis and pool complex, Wentworth By The Sea Country Club is the perfect oasis from the stresses of everyday life. Just minutes from Portsmouth, NH, our private country club is the perfect location for seaside wedding ceremonies and tented receptions, or corporate golf outings and events.

Wentworth By The Sea Country Club has everything you need to make your fairy tale wedding a reality! Set in the picturesque New England town of Rye, New Hampshire with the beautiful backdrop of Little Harbor, Wentworth by The Sea Country Club is about 5 minutes from historic Downtown Portsmouth.  We offer a breathtaking and convenient locale for you and your guests to enjoy.

With dozens of restaurants, shops, and art galleries all within walking distance of three hotels, Portsmouth is the perfect place for your guests to stay and make a mini-vacation out of your destination wedding weekend.  From shopping at the outlets in Kittery to exploring Strawberry Banke and Prescott Park, the attractions and history are endless. The New Hampshire Seacoast is the premier New England Destination for your wedding!

Check out this wedding recently hels at the Wentworth by the Sea. Thank you Lexi for sharing your photographs you have an amazing eye.