Can This Quiz Find Your Soulmate?

whitney_grayson_519A look inside the latest digital dating phenomenon

There’s nothing wrong with being a bit of a hopeless romantic and believing that you might just bump into your soulmate on the sidewalk—but what if finding that person could be found through a social experiment? A new interactive website—that’s totally independent of any company and is completely free—called 8^8 wants to give people the chance to meet someone they would otherwise have a 1 in 16 million chance of meeting.

With just eight questions (each with eight answers), the quiz only takes a few minutes to complete. While that part is quick and easy, the directions going into it make sure you know right away that the site is being sincere; the guidelines ask you not to take the test “while drunk, stoned, sleep-deprived, or in an extreme emotional state.” If someone answers identically to you (that’s where the 1 in 16 million chance comes in) you will both receive emails letting you know. Here’s an example of one of the questions: © Courtesy soulmate-quiz

A ticker on the bottom of the site states that the test has been taken more than 236 thousand times and that nearly six thousand matches have been made. If we know how to use a calculator correctly, that’s a 2.5 percent success rate. Which is about 2.4 percent better than the odds of meeting your perfect match in that bar tonight, right?

We love this social experiment—why not give it a shot?!—but keep in mind that the project is about finding someone who answers identically to you. This means that your so-called soulmate could very well be in the form of a best friend and either gender—not necessarily someone who is compatible with you in a more complementary way. Your match, if made, is another you. But hey, that sounds like some good company to keep.


Great event over the weekend and another happy client!



We always love to hear from our clients. It fills us with gratitude and makes us a bit humble at the same time when we get such great letter. We are all very busy in our lives so when someone takes the time to drop us a note like this it makes the experience even more special!

You may remember this outdoor event because we posted it’s setup last week in a few blog posts. The event was over the weekend and the client not only thanked us but shared two pictures with us. Again we thank the Gnall family for entrusting us with their very special wedding event and allowing us to enhance a truly memorable life experience.




I am writing this note with a huge smile on my face!!  The wedding was spectacular & special, even with the thunderstorm that ensued about 15 minutes after the ceremony!!!  No one seemed to care as the partying had begun.  I want you to know how the tent totally blended into our backyard scenery & all our guests that that it was a permanent deck!!  Yikes, can you imagine a deck that size???


From start to finish, you & the rest of your crew have been so helpful & all your hard work was so appreciated.  I must admit, I could not quite imagine how it would look (& why the flooring was so expensive!!!) but it was one of the 7 wonders of the world!!!  I promise to forward a professional photo once we receive them.  Again, my sincere thanks for an outstanding professional job.  I’ve given your name to lots of friends & neighbors.


Best regards,

Susan Gnall


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Mamis/Gnall Group Susan E. Gnall

Senior Vice President
Financial Advisor

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

13 Things No One Tells You About the First Year of Marriage

viscusi 260Couples were asked what they learned about each other after their first year of marriage. Below are the answers to some interesting questions. We would like to hear from you about your first year observations so let us know below.



Cydney, 28, says, “I was well aware of the pressure to have children after marriage, but for me, the next big pressure is buying a house. And in an expensive real estate market like Washington, D.C., it’s hard to get friends and family back home in the Midwest to understand why I’m nearly 30 and still renting. My parents ask me weekly how my house hunting is doing.”

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Ready For A Weekend Event


It took many hot days this week to get everything ready for a beautiful wedding event this weekend! As always the crew came through in shining colors and it shows in the pride of workmanship and a job well done!
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9 Hidden Perks of Getting Married Young

KSW_1785rtyoung couples were asked how they were getting along after a few years of marriage. The surveyor was surprised with the responses she got. Here are some of the answers to the questions she asked.



When you get married young, it is easy to adjust to living with another person because you literally just moved out of your parents’ house. You haven’t had time to get used to living alone or to get too comfortable in your own way of doing things.

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6 Crazy Wedding Stories That’ll Make You Feel Way Better About Your Big Day

whitney_grayson_450(pp_w755_h504)After reading these stories a root canal sounds like a great idea instead of attending these 6 weddings. Every once in a while we like to examine the “dark side” of weddings if nothing else they bring a smile to our faces and thank our lucky stars that it didn’t happen to us. has a lot of these types of stories that we post from time to time. So if you like this one feel free to follow the link and read some more. Do you have a similar story? We would love to hear it. Let us know and we will add it in a future post. Read the rest of this entry »

101+ Things to Do in New Hampshire

Photo by Heidi Duncanson

Photo by Heidi Duncanson

So you’re planning on having a wedding in New Hampshire and looking for things to do maybe before or after the event with family and friends. You’re in luck! New Hampshire is such a diverse state that the possibilities are endless. It doesn’t matter what time of year or where you are located there are many things you can do together. You may already know about some of the great places and events that Lisa lists below or maybe you don’t; either way they just may give you the perfect idea for an event for out of town attendees. Let us know if we have missed any, I am sure we may have, an list them in the comments section. Enjoy the list!


Lisa Martineau
Exclusive to

There’s no place like home. Whether you have lived in New Hampshire your whole life, or recently relocated to the Granite State, we have put together a “class” on the 101 things that make living in New Hampshire special.

The majority of the activities on the list cost little or nothing to accomplish, but some have admission fees as any worthy tourist attraction would. They also cover all seasons of the year, so the entire list cannot be completed in one month. Consider it a “Life List” or “Bucket List” — add your own ideas and get started!  Read the rest of this entry »

Stunning wedding for sure and I cannot wait to see photos!

Just a quick note to let you know that your whole team was awesome for both the set up and breakdown at the Arnold wedding this past weekend. It really was a fabulous set up! I know your guys were challenged by the inconvenient lack of parking and the being patient for others to get out of their way and I really do appreciate the awesome attitude they had. Jason is fantastic and you musty clone him for me!!! Plus the guys came over Saturday right on time to help get sides up if needed!

Stunning wedding for sure and I cannot wait to see photos! The 9 1/2’ sides were totally worth the $$$!!!



How to crowdfund your wedding without being the worst

PY-RCR-R-067-LGSo you want to have a big wedding but don’t have the funds to pull it off. How about getting creative when all the usual sources are not available. Try crowd funding as that creative source. Now this may not be for everyone but it has been a valuable resource for may other money needs. From business startups, medical bills I have even seen funding for an independed song album. Check out this blog post cloud funding may just right for you.




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Married, married with children or singles dating we all need some good ideas on low cost or free dates. These could involve just you or bring along the children and make it a family event. Either way we all need a cheap night out once in a while. If you’re saving for a wedding or need a great date night to pop the question here are 20 outstanding ideas.  Consider this your guaranteed guide to getting the most out of the happiest months of the year. Oh, and put away your wallet—you won’t need it here.

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