Everything You Need to Know About Throwing a Backyard Wedding


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Perhaps the most attractive reason for having a backyard wedding is the fact that they can be so budget-friendly. “Maybe [couples] feel as if they can spend their money elsewhere and can achieve their Pinterest goals, rather than spending money on a [conventional] venue space,” said Sarah Campbell, owner and wedding planner at Pollyanna Events. Saving money on renting a traditional venue can free up a large chunk of the budget for things like decor, rentals, and catering.



Backyard weddings also open up a lot of room for creativity. As Campbell said, “The possibilities are endless.” Couples can play up the main features of the backyard space, like a large tree or a great view. To really make your wedding one of a kind, incorporate unique pieces like china or antique pieces of furniture from the house.


While you won’t have to pay to rent a venue, backyard weddings require renting almost everything else for your big day. From seating to dinnerware and beyond, the rentals can add up. Plus, Campbell said, they might incur additional delivery costs, depending where the home is located. You’ll also want to look into parking permits for guests and caterers, as well as any noise restrictions that may be in place in your neighborhood.


One of the biggest reasons for choosing a backyard wedding is to keep the event intimate, and Campbell noted that “couples are focusing more on being surround by their close family and friends, rather than having a huge wedding.” Make sure you’re realistic about the number of guests your space can accommodate, and decide if you’re willing to make some sacrifices to the guest list if necessary.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s a great idea to hire a wedding planner, because they “have the experience in doing a variety of weddings and may have some insight to problems you may not have known could exist,” said Campbell.

The most important part of any wedding is to stay organized, so you can feel relaxed and enjoy the big day when it arrives.

“I think if your I’s are dotted, your T’s are crossed and you are surrounded by your closest family and friends, nothing else matters.”


Of course, backyard weddings come with some challenges. As with any outdoor wedding, you’ll need to arrange a contingency plan if the weather takes a turn. Traditional venue spaces often already have these plans in place and are “large enough to host your entire wedding indoors when bad weather occurs,” said Campbell. “That is usually not an option with weddings that are done at home.” If the backyard is big enough, consider renting a tent or heat lamps, depending on the season.



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There’s a saying that the devil is in the details. And when it comes to wedding planning fights, that saying couldn’t be truer. “While you may argue about the big things, like the budget or venue, you’re likely going to bicker most often about the little things,” warns Amy Nichols, owner of and co-founder of The Poppy Group. “Recognizing early that even the small things require cooperation and consideration will help the wedding planning process flow much more easily.”

With that in mind, here are five little things that can lead to big wedding fights, and how to solve — or better yet, avoid — each one. Read the rest of this entry »


Sperry Tents Diamond Isle. CAM00099You can’t please everyone! When it comes to weddings especially, this statement couldn’t be truer. No matter how hard you try or what precautions you take, there are bound to be a few yawn-inducing moments in every big day (yes, even at the best of them).

So what tends to bore guests to tears then? We went straight to the source to find out. Moral of the story: anything that requires people to pay attention without eating or socializing for too long won’t win the crowd.


“The billion dances they do! The first dance, father daughter, mother son, grandparents, money dance, bridal party dance, etc., etc. Usually by the time they’re done my buzz has already worn off.” — Candace 


“I feel bad even saying this, but I think wedding slideshows are so boring. They keep me entertained for the first minute or two. After that though I kind of zone out and stop paying attention. Most go on for far too long, and you can tell other guests have lost interest too. Keep it short and sweet if you’re going to do it.” —Deena Read the rest of this entry »

5 People You Don’t Have to Invite to Your Wedding



Deciding who makes the guest list is no easy thing (seriously, we don’t envy you). But making an already tough task even more difficult, says Sarah Glick, wedding planner at Brilliant Event Planning in New York City, “is the unspoken social expectation that anyone and everyone you interact with on a daily basis needs to be invited — read: your boss, your coworkers, the dog walker.” She’s here to tell you that’s not the case, and give you five guests you can strike from your list, stat.


Glick admits that everyone feels like they have to invite their bosses in order to avoid awkward in-office situations. “Plus, there’s the whole they control your job dynamic and, let’s face it, we want our bosses to like us,” she says. “But if you are only inviting your boss because you feel morally obligated, I would be willing to bet that your boss is only attending because they feel that it would be rude if they didn’t. Do yourselves both a favor and skip the invite; your boss will (silently) thank you.” Read the rest of this entry »

If Momma Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy!



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Yes, we know it’s your big day and it’s all about you, but keep in mind that your wedding is a big moment for mom too. While it’s not your job to appease her, you can keep the peace and get her involved without sacrificing your sanity or vision. From allowing her to invite a few of her friends to simply asking for her opinion on certain things, here are six ways to make the mother of the bride happy as a clam. Read the rest of this entry »

10 Wedding Decor Trends That Haven’t Jumped The Shark

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Edison bulbs had their moment, but they’re a teeny tiny bit played out at this point. A better plan: Bring back the good ol’ fairy lights and string them lightly in areas that might need a little extra ambiance. Just make sure they’re an accent, not a focal point.


Call us romantics, but there’s something so delicate and lovely about lining your reception tables with pretty buds in mismatched vases in lieu of over-the-top floral centerpieces.


Forget chalkboards–instead, pen the details of your big day on a mirror and watch guests literally reflect on the major moment that’s about to go down.


Look, we love a good peony cluster as much as the next gal, but walking down the aisle with a dramatic arrangement that drapes as much as your dress is still a pretty epic idea.

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OK, so you’ve likely seen this all over Pinterest. But how many have you seen IRL? Be the person who bucks beige napkins and gold chargers in favor of a creative, down-to-earth place setting.


Swap succulents for mini bundles of herbs with name cards attached. Bonus: They not only double as greenery votives (mentioned above) that guests can carry to the table themselves, but they also work as adorable take-home favors.


Proof you don’t have to break the bank to pull off Instagram-worthy décor. Use them to spell out common phrases (like “XO” or “LOVE”) or to personalize your wedding. (Hello, your hashtag would look extra awesome spelled out in supersized balloons.)


Sure, a cupcake tower may be o-v-e-r, but dessert in different forms (pies, doughnuts, macarons) is completely acceptable…and still surprising.


In lieu of a wedding singer, give your guests the chance to take the mic. Just wait until after dinner when plenty of champagne (aka liquid courage) has been consumed.


If you can’t throw confetti (for real–a lot of venues restrict it because of the clean up), these DIY flags are still a pretty colorful way to end the ceremony in style.

The One Thing a Groom Must Remember On His Wedding Day

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Sandy Malone 6/2/2016


Some brides and grooms plan every detail of their big day together. Sometimes, the bride does the bulk of the planning work, but the groom participates in making big decisions. Every once awhile, the groom has no clue what the bride has planned for their wedding weekend until it arrives, and they’re both just fine with that.

In fact, as long as the bride and groom are comfortable, it doesn’t matter if the groom has a single clue of what’s going to happen once the wedding festivities start. It’s okay if he has the “tell me where to be and when” philosophy if the bride’s agreed to that. It means she can plan whatever she wants, no questions asked. The only time it becomes a problem is when the wedding festivities begin, and the groom continues to behave as though he were a guest instead of the host.

Grooms: You cannot behave like a wedding guest. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Wedding Costs You Should Actually Splurge On

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It’s the major “wow” moment of the whole entire affair. We’re not saying you should shell out 25K, but your white number should make you feel like your version of Cinderella whether that puts you in a poofy strapless number…or a jumpsuit. Don’t forget, alterations are also part of this “splurge”–a good bridal tailor is everything. Read the rest of this entry »

6 Tips to Writing Killer Wedding Vows

Jaimie Schoen

Writing your own vows is an incredible way to personalize your wedding ceremony. It’s a chance to tell your story, give guests a peek into what makes your relationship tick, and to share meaningful, sweet words with the person you love. It can also be a pretty challenging task because it’s so intimate — you’re really baring your heart to your fiancé, and you’re doing so in front of your family and friends. The hardest part? Getting started! Thankfully, JP Reynolds, M.Div., celebrity officiant (you might recognize the name from BRIDES Live Wedding), counselor, and author of Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours: Choosing the Right Words for Your Vows, is an all-around ceremony expert, and has shared a few tips for putting together vows that are deep, poignant, and from the heart. Read the rest of this entry »

Sperry Tents of The Seacoast and The Inn at Diamond Cove Portland Maine

Sperry Tents Diamond Isle. CAM00099Take a look at the 46’x 105′ Sail Cloth tent we installed for the Summer season at The Inn at Diamond Cove in Portland, Maine. What a great place to hold your next outdoor event under the most beautiful tent you will ever see.