Hottest Wedding Trends

Hosting a wedding or event under a tent in the warm summer air is far from a trend.  Sperry’s hand sewn canopies combined with their solid hard wood wood center and perimeter poles  add to  the timeless beauty of an outdoor event.  It’s really fun and interesting to see the different ways that people choose to celebrate their special days under a Sperry sailcloth tent!

What are some of the hottest trends we’re seeing this year?

PINK!  Secretly or overtly many women’s favorite color is pink and it’s becoming vogue again, it’s a muted subtle version but it’s still PINK!

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Sperry Tents Featured in Borrowed & Blue

When Jenna & Adam decided they were going to tie the knot, they knew they wanted to commemorate the groom’s background as a merchant marine during their big day, and that is where we get this wonderful, nautically themed wedding to share with you Newport lovelies today. Naturally, Newport is the perfect destination for any maritime-inspired celebration, with its deep blue waters and its beautiful lighthouses, and the Castle Hill Inn brought a stunning backdrop to this gorgeous affair. Jenna & Adam made sure no detail was overlooked, and made their day all about their love for each other and their families. One of my favorite touches? The elegant engagement band Jenna wore, which originally belonged to her grandmother. These images by Jaclyn L Photography bring back all the feelings and emotion of the day, and we could not love it any more than we already do.

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The Perfect Look

In addition to beautiful, unique sailcloth tents, Sperry Tents is now also your full service event rental company.  We can handle all of the details to make your Sperry event a memorable and unique occasion.

Maybe you’re looking for farm tables, burlap runners and mason jars to complete the rustic feel.
Rustic Wedding

Or maybe you’re looking for chivari ballroom chairs, platinum rimmed plates and satin linens to turn your event into a black tie affair.
Formal Wedding

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of a white wedding.
A white Wedding

Or maybe this is more your style.
Blue and Gold

Whatever the look you’re dreaming of, we can help make it a reality.

Elevate your next event!


Share the Love

You can spend weeks, months, even years planning your wedding day. Whether it’s the event of the year or an intimate elopement, there’s no doubt that you spent a lot of time and energy into making the day everything you dreamt that it would be down to the tiniest perfectly executed detail. And then POOF! It’s over in a blink of an eye. But with the help of the photographers – both professional and unprofessional - you can relive every minute of the day and share those precious memories not only with your family and friends, but you can now also share the love of your wedding with all the newly engaged who are just sitting down and starting to plan their special day. Well Wed recently launched their Maine and New Hampshire magazine which is chock full of real weddings submitted by newlyweds. From vintage chic or winter wonderland, Well Wed is the perfect place to launch planning your ME/NH wedding. And wouldn’t you, as the glowing newlywed who just experienced the joy of getting married,  love knowing that all of the hard work you put into your wedding day inspired another new bride and groom?

Here are the details:

Reach out to one of the vendors who advertises in Well Wed magazine (Sperry Tents Seacoast is one of them!) and they can outline what they need and by when. There is a questionnaire that needs to be completed to make sure all of the right vendors are credited and that your wedding day story is accurately captured and shared with Well Wed readers. The vendor will then confirm that it is ok with the photographer to submit a few high res images that capture the “cohesive look or theme, eye-catching details and inspired seasonal elements,” of your wedding day. And that’s it! Then you get to wait until that adorable magazine shows up on your doorstep and then you get to relive your wedding day along with the hundreds of other people who turn to Well Wed for wedding advice.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sperry Tents Seacoast and we’ll be sure to help you out. Happy submitting!

Picture Perfect Church Landing

Spring, Summer, Fall… each New England season brings its own unique sights, sounds and colors. Being able to see the splendor of a venue at the peak of each season is such a treat, especially the Inns at Mill Falls in Meredith, NH which is right on the picture perfect banks of the beautiful Lake Winnepesauke. Guests are treated to a stunning lake view surrounded by trees as they witness the union of their friends and family under a 46×65 Sperry Tent. Church Landing hosts events under a Sperry almost every weekend from May through October and we were lucky enough to nab these images from the amazing Bharat Parmar of Bharat Parmar Photography. He truly captures the unique New England charm that Church Landing has to offer and all the fun and love that is celebrated under the big top!

I Get a Kick Outta Shoes

Your wedding day is your time to shine and show some personal style to your friends and family.  And ladies, you have now realized that your shoes do not have to perfectly match your dress, they just need to complement you and your decor. Brides and bridesmaids (and grooms and groomsmen) are all jumping on the opportunity to add a little pizzazz below the knee and wear funky socks and show-stopping kicks. I mean honestly, how alluring is it when your photographer captures a photo that shows a sneak peak of your cowboy boots hidden beneath your Vera Wang?

Or they snap a shot of the girls lined up on the beach and kicking-up their wellies?

So if the traditional white wedding pump is out, then what are 2013 brides considering for their shoes on the big day?

Coco Chanel once said, “Before you leave the house, take one [piece of jewelry] off” and this rings true at your wedding as well. There is a thing as too much jewelry on the top. However, if you’re feeling that a necklace and earrings and diamond ring aren’t enough to make you sparkle, add some rocks on your feet. Blinging shoes are all the rage and allow you to add that extra hint of glamour without going over the top (I’m slightly obsessed with these Miu Mius) AND I’m sure you can wear them again with the right pair of matchstick jeans and tank for a night on the town with the girls. Which leads me to the next big trend…

You’re paying a lot for this wedding and anything you can get more use out of is awesome. So when most brides are picking out their foot jewelry, they are evaluating the pair for their awesomeness the day of, but also if they can be worn for many many days after. Girls have the fantastic ability to justify paying a lot of money for things if they can determine at least five other times that they can sport that shirt, sweater or pair of Choos.

Comfort is Key
As much as we ladies smile and say with pride, “Oh but these stillettos ARE comfortable! I know it looks like my three toes on the end there are merging into one and my big toe does seem to be turning purple, but really, it’s like walking on a cloud,” but in all honesty, we’d much rather toss on a pair of Uggs than a pair of platform heels. (It’s ok to admit it. The more of us that do, the greater likelihood that Uggs will become acceptable professional attire.) This year more and more brides are embarking on the shoe search with comfort being a key factor. The trending solutions? Victorian boots – adorned with lace and frills – provide support for your foot will still giving you the vertical boost and a vintage flair. Flats are totally in and Tieks are definitely the rising star. These super comfy, super chic roll-up ballet flats come in many many colors so now you can rock that pop of color while maintaining your balance. And the biggest up and comer? Yee-haw! It’s the cowboy boot. You don’t have to have a mechanical bull on your dance floor or hay bales for your pews to successfully pull off the cowgirl style. Cowboy boots are synonymous with rustic chic these days and are a great way to balance out an otherwise frilly wedding. Lace, cowboy boots and succulents…. it’s perfection.

Color and Patterns and Texture… oh my!
So now we have the blingin’ flats or boots that you can wear throughout the year, but behind the jewels and kitten heels we need to have something that really shows off your personal style. And the 2013 wedding shoes taking on that challenge by bursting with bright colors, fun patterns and lots of texture. From bows, lace, fold-overs and studded heels, wedding shoes aren’t just a smooth surface anymore. And now they come in an array of colors! Neon popping pink, sunshine yellow, emerald green and every shade of something blue your newly-engaged heart could desire. Add some texture to that and you have these beauties that I just cannot imagine my shoe closet being complete without -

Ok so now you have the perfect trendy shoe that matches your personal style that you can wear throughout the year and won’t give you blisters. So you’re ready to go, right? Just in case those out of the box pretties turn on you on hour 7 of dancing, here is a list of great products for your maid of honor to have in her arsenal for you, your bridesmaids, or anyone else who fell victim to the ‘but really, they’re super comfy’ platform stiletto trick -

Foot petals have saved my life. They come in so many shapes and colors so that you can always find the perfect match to your sole (ha!) mate. They can stop you from skidding, rubbing and pinching in a second or two. Seriously worth the investment even for just a Tuesday at the office.

Dr. Scholls for Her. This rub relief works like a dream. Rolls on quick and invisible and lasts for a pretty long time. The best part? It eliminates the embarrassing moment when you kick off your heels at night and crawl into bed and your guy awkwardly asks why you have a weird clear gel thing stuck on your heel…

And the number one trick? Baby powder. Blisters form when your foot sweats and moisture causes your foot to move around in your shoe. The constant rubbing causes your skin to (and I apologize for the graphic nature of this content) literally split apart at the seam under the first few layers of skin. It’s minuscule, but your body sees this as a major threat and shoves fluid up there to cushion the tear. So as your body sighs and reclines back in triumph since it no longer has to deal with this pesky cut, you’re left cringing at this nasty, liquid-filled formation. Throw some preventative baby powder on your heel and it will wick away the moisture and this battle will never occur. To ensure that you are blister free throughout the night, you can always reapply in the powder room which in turn, will keep your feet and those super expensive, adorable, versatile, crazy comfy, eye-popping wedding shoes smelling baby fresh for the next big night out on the town.

Magical Bedford, NY Wedding

Horse drawn carriages, a princess wedding gown, a gorgeous setting and a dreamy atmosphere… this wedding in New York has it all! You might want to sit down or at least prepare to swoon over these stunning shots of a couple so madly in love with each other that their pure happiness radiates throughout the whole party. I know we say it a lot, but I can’t stress how every. single. detail. of this day was executed to perfection under the expert guidance of Ron Wendt from Ron Wendt Designs. From the lighted custom-built pathways, artfully crafted centerpieces, magical lighting installations and delectable dishes, Ron instilled in both Sarah and Phillip the confidence that their only worry on their wedding day would be that time was going by too fast.

Sarah and Phillip Richter were married on his parents’ property in Bedford, NY and incorporated their family, friends and mutual adoration for equestrianism throughout the evening into the celebration. Sarah entered the ceremony tent by way of a beautiful horse drawn carriage and although they couldn’t sign the marriage license (it’s an opposable thumb thing), their favorite horses bore witness to the happy union in custom-built stables that were installed under their ceremony tent. An outdoor cocktail hour allowed guests to take in the natural beauty of Coker Farm while enjoying the mild early-summer weather and the family-style dining ensured that every one of their 350 guests felt like part of the family.

We can honestly say that as this event came to a close, we were sad to no longer be working with the incredible team that made Sarah and Phillip’s wedding a magical, romantic success. We wish Sarah and Phillip all the best as they start their life together and look forward to hopefully working with Ron again in the near future!

Venue: Coker Farm, Bedford, NY
Photography: Kristen Somody Whalen Photography 
Tents and flooring: Sperry Tents Greenwich
Event Design: Ron Wendt Design
Caterer: Oliver Kita Catering

And of course our Project Director and Coordinator, Jesse Edelman, couldn’t leave the property without making a new friend. Don’t worry Otter, we made sure he’s up to date on all his vaccines :)

Event Insurance Assurance

No one likes dealing with insurance, even though it’s a necessary part of survival in our danger-ridden world. I will openly admit that I just want to pay as little as I can for the most coverage and then hope and pray I don’t ever have to file a claim and start cutting through all that red tape. But honestly, the hassle and the money is always worth it for me. I’m not a gambler. Whenever I stop at that square in LIFE where you have to buy a house, I always shell out the extra dough for home insurance. The odds of my fake beach house on Monsoon Beach (only $140,000 including a sun deck!) enduring a Hurricane Sandy are slim, but I’d rather not deal with the risk of going bankrupt before I retire at Millionaire Estates or – even worse – having to admit defeat and retire at that inferior white plastic home, Countryside Acres.

So when brides and grooms come to Sperry looking for a tent for their special day and ask if they really need to invest in this event insurance business, we always recommend that you do. It’s true that nine times out of ten you will never have to cash in that policy (we have never actually had to cancel an event due to weather. Instead, we work around the clock dropping tents and re-installing them to make sure that the event continues with little to no inconvenience to you or the venue.) But somethings are completely out of your control. Hurricanes can roll in and we can’t install your tent due to safety issues for the duration of your event or your venue is under water and has to close for repairs. A family member may fall ill prior to the event causing postponement (or they could get ill at the event on the lovely carpet and now you’re regretting spending all that money on the open bar and you have to reimburse the venue for the stain.) You spend months and months executing each detail to perfection and budgeting down to the last penny, don’t you also want to be confident and reassured that if something goes wrong that you don’t have to deal with all the red tape and expensive bills?

Photo by Robert Norman Photography

Our top recommendation is always WedSafe. This company provides you with two main policies – liability insurance and event cancellation insurance. These can be purchased both separately or together and some venues may even require liability insurance. The policy’s cost is dependent on the overall cost of your event as well as the location, but to get a free quick quote, check out this handy tool. You spend money insuring the things that matter to you most: your car, your home, and your health. It just makes sense that you’d want to extend that coverage to one of the most important days in your life.

So take a tip from Sperry and rest assured those nights before your event by purchasing event insurance for your wedding or tented event.

Were you planning on having your ceremony on that boardwalk? Not anymore.

Williams College 1962 Reunion

When you get the invite in the mail from your high school or college, that 3×5 sheet of heavy-weight card stock addressed in cursiva font, you know it can only mean one thing – a reunion. That joyous evening when your current husband meets your high school sweetheart and those awkward five seconds where they size each other up. It’s the delicious dinner you share with your best friends in crime who helped curl your hair for prom, shared the numerous sing-alongs in your parent’s car and can remember the days when it was illegal for you to be drinking that glass of white wine that you’ve been nursing since the moment you walked through the door. It’s an evening of catching up with your high school/college favorites and cattily discussing how the former head cheerleader has totally not aged well and flashing photos of your kids and eventually, your grandkids, to your sorority sisters.

Social media has almost stolen away the importance of these reunions. Once upon a time, the only way you could keep up with your friends was by actually communicating with them. Now you can stalk your best friend, her sister, her sister’s best friend and the former college quarterback without actually ever speaking to them. (On the flip side, you can also gauge how great you’re going to look prior to the reunion by sizing up everyone’s profile photos.) So since the magic of a reunion has been stolen away by Facebook, it means those reunion organizers have really got to step up their game and make this one fantastic night of brilliance if they’re going to get you to make the trek back to your alma mater.

The amazing people behind the organization of this 50th Reunion of the William’s College class of 1962 did just that providing their honored guests with a beautiful evening of dining, dancing and cheerful reminiscing. With a team of nearly 90 volunteers and the guidance of the 50th Reunion Executive Planning Committee made up of the Reunion Chair (Dick McCauley) and Vice Chairs (Tom Payzant, Barney Shaw, and Ed Warren), Chairs and Co-Chairs of Reunion Committees, as well as Class Officers, Reunion Treasurer (Ed Warren), at large (Dick Paul), and Internet Coordinator (Ned Dougherty),  Dalit Lederman, the Events Manager at Williams College, turned our Sperry tent and full floor into a masterpiece that celebrated the successes and friendships of the 125 classmates (or 51.3% of the entire class) that came out for the weekend-long event.


Photography: Kate Drew Miller
Floral: Tara Pollio
Food: Thyme Tables Catering
Planner/Event Design: Dalit Lederman, Special Events Manager, Williams College

What is most amazing about this group of classmates and friends is that their 50th reunion gift came to $12.7 million! Their gifts supported three different funds. The donations supported the Class of 1962 Memorial Scholarship, the Global Initiatives Fund (which strengthens Williams’ ties and student experiences with the global community), and the Alumni Fund. The class of  ’62 set a 50th Reunion record with $345,000 donated towards the Alumni Fund alone! All in all, it was a fabulously designed event honoring a wonderful class of good friends who sincerely love to support and promote their college. Their monetary support and the excellent turnout is a true testament to Williams College and the wonderful environment the college creates. All of us at Sperry are so happy to have been a part of this special weekend of events. Congratulations class of 1962!