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Thank You Sass!

Sperry Tents Seacoast proudly sponsored the SASS 5k to Keep Kids Safe this past April 15th and eagerly support the organization and their very important mission. Thank you for your kind words Kathy and we look forward to partnering again in the near future!

Ox Ridge Hunt Club Wedding

Truly the most amazing part of a wedding is the people. As someone who has both attended weddings and helped plan many weddings and events, I’ve seen first hand that timelines and detailed charts are mere formalities. It is the couple and the guests which make a truly fabulously fun and memorable event and John […]

Stunning Wentworth Country Club Wedding

“This day I will marry my best friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream with….love” To say that Kate and Andy are a fun-loving couple who were overjoyed on their wedding day simply because they both knew they were marrying their best friend is an understatement. I honestly can say I don’t think I have ever […]


As you can imagine, while most people are enjoying the lazy days of summer, that’s when Sperry is the busiest. With 10 or more events each week, we’re putting in 10 hour days, 7 days a week and our guys are putting up and taking down tents from 6am in the morning to 10pm at […]

Keeping Our Kids Safe

Knowing we have a safe place to call home and a safe family to come home to are two basic necessities that the average American can probably say is something they don’t have to worry about. But 1 in 3 women would argue differently. Six hundred women are sexually assaulted everyday in America and 15% of […]

Dogs are a Groom’s Best Friend

Do you know 81% of dog owners consider their pets to be a family member? And 77% of those admitted to talking to people about their animals as if they were humans and had photos on hand to show people their furry relative, according to a recent study by Kelton Global. The truth is our animals play […]

Come on Irene!

Remember that little storm that brushed the eastern seaboard at the end of August last year? You probably didn’t hear much about it. In case you need a reminder, here is what Hurricane Irene looked like from space. And while the majority of the east coast rushed to our big box stores to purchase bottled […]