An Elevated Lakeside View: Sperry Tents In Windham, NH

In July of 2009 Sperry teamed up with Leslie Barbini of the Wedding Belle to create a magical, elevated, lakeside event in Windahm, NH.  Connected to the house, the raised level floor and 46’x65’ Sperry Tent extended the event’s reach, bringing guests to the waters edge at a comfortable ten feet overlooking the lake.

Just below, the ceremony took place by the dock and was beautifully decorated with bright, exuberant sunflowers.  The floral arrangements lined pathways guiding guests from the event to the water.

The lively yellow theme was consistent throughout the event, as custom yellow asian lanterns dressed the interior of the tent with energetic ambiance and elegant décor. The signature handrail and white lattice decorated the perimeter of the raised floor with a finishing touch in harmony with the adjacent house.

The warm day faded into a cool summer night full of dancing, laughter, and treasured memories.  After a brunch the following day, the familiar Sperry Trucks arrived.