Love must be as much a light, as it is a flame

Sperry Tents are gorgeous day or night. During the day, their signature pennants wave in the wind, the breathable oyster sailcloth both reflects the sun and allows air to freely move throughout the interior. By night, the fabric sailcloth is transformed by the infinite possibilities of lighting the inside of a Sperry. From classic onion lanterns and elegant candelabras to expertly clustered asian lanterns and speciality up-lighting, Sperry Tents offer a unique canvas for lighting enthusiasts allowing clients to create the perfect ambience for their event. By both reflecting and absorbing the glow of the lights and the candles, the lines of the sailcloth are enhanced as the sun sets and the moon rises. And with the addition of our perimeter lights casually clinging to the outer rim of the sailcloth, the signature Sperry glow is born!

Below are some photos highlighting some of our favorite ways of lighting a Sperry tent. Enjoy!

Love, of course, is the reason for celebrating a wedding. It’s the day when two people promise their everlasting love, illuminating a lifetime of happiness and devotion. Thoreau eloquently described the power of love simply as, “love must be as much a light, as it is a flame.” Without a flame, there is no light. Without love, there is no… love! And without lighting, Sperry Tents don’t seem to reach their peak natural elegance. Be sure to talk to us about exactly how you’d like your Sperry Tent to look both day and night, and we promise to help make your dream lighting come true!