Sperry Tents’ GREEN Initiative

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.  As we turn the corner on 2010, these three action words have become more relevant, describing necessary steps for a more sustainable future.

Sperry Tents has made a socially responsible commitment to sustainable business practices.  The ‘green’ initiative, which is based on principles of reduction, reuse and recycling, has contributed to a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

A company active in the event rental industry, Sperry reuses inventory and materials by nature. The signature sailcloth tent canvas is handcrafted in Marion, MA.  Natural spruce perimeter poles and center poles are locally milled, hand-sanded and stained, a repeatable process facilitating re-use of the poles each year.  Lighting options are energy efficient, and controlled on dimming panels for customer convenience and energy conservation.  Sperry’s uniform fleet of company vehicles is powered by biodiesel provided by Simply Green Biofuels.  Such actions have not only resulted in a reduced carbon footprint, but also reduced overhead expenses.

Sperry plans to continue on this path, improving on the ability to deliver unparalleled service and a unique product line enriched with eco-friendly solutions!