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Groomsman Kicks Bridesmaid, Rips Pants in Epic Wedding Photo

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a viral photo of a groomsman kicking a bridesmaid while doing a mid-air split that also ripped his pants could fill a novel.

The 5 Stages of Every Marriage

Learn the phases every relationship takes and how to get through them. Dr. Rita DeMaria for All marital unions are not created equal; but they all go through some predictable stages. The timing may differ, and the way a couple manages the phase they’re in varies widely, but most of the stages happen, to […]

20 Reasons Why We Wouldn’t Trade Marriage for Dating in Our 20s

Sure, being single has its perks—but all the excitement and uncertainty can’t beat the comfort of knowing that the man you’re with is the real deal. By Brie Schwartz

Experts: 2 Ways to Divorce Proof Your Marriage

By Rochelle Bilow for According to a survey of mental health professionals conducted by, the No. 1 way to divorce-proof your marriage is to improve communication followed by making your spouse a priority — even over kids. Not surprisingly, “communication problems” is cited as the most common factor (65 percent) that leads to […]

12 Things Not To Do at a Wedding

The worst things that wedding guests have actually done (and what you should do instead). Show Up With a Date Who Wasn’t Invited If you weren’t allotted a plus-one, there’s probably a reason. Maybe the couple wanted to only invite close friends and family to keep the wedding intimate; maybe the reception space is small; […]

8 Amazing Wedding Exits

A limo and a few measly sparklers just weren’t flashy enough for these couples’ grand wedding reception exits. A Paper Airplane Exit For a retro spin on confetti, this couple gave their guests pre-made paper airplanes to toss as they made their escape. Photo: Embrace Life Photography / The Knot

What Do People Usually Do?

A question that gets asked quite often around here from folks planning tented weddings is “what do people usually do?”. Planning a wedding is a unique event in most people’s lives so there are often unique decisions to be made. The great part is that “what people usually do” is becoming less mainstream and elements […]

7 Celebs Who Are So Glad They Married Non-Famous Folks

George Clooney George Clooney isn’t the only one—and with good reason. The ultimate bachelor of Hollywood first met British lawyer Amal Alamuddin when they were working on a Syrian human-rights project. He’s dated many famous women before, but he seems lately to have had a change of heart regarding his privacy. For example, he’s very […]

Hottest Wedding Trends

Hosting a wedding or event under a tent in the warm summer air is far from a trend.  Sperry’s hand sewn canopies combined with their solid hard wood wood center and perimeter poles  add to  the timeless beauty of an outdoor event.  It’s really fun and interesting to see the different ways that people choose […]

Sperry Tents Featured in Borrowed & Blue

When Jenna & Adam decided they were going to tie the knot, they knew they wanted to commemorate the groom’s background as a merchant marine during their big day, and that is where we get this wonderful, nautically themed wedding to share with you Newport lovelies today. Naturally, Newport is the perfect destination for any […]