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Fishing For Freedom 2017 at The Nonantum Resort

sperry-tents-veterns-fishing-tripsperry-tents-veterns-fishing-trip1 sperry-tents-veterns-fishing-trip2 sperry-tents-veterns-fishing-trip3 sperry-tents-veterns-fishing-trip4 sperry-tents-veterns-fishing-trip5Fishing for Freedom 2017 at The Nonantum Resort was quite the success! Thank you to the Wounded Heroes Program of Maine and Cabela’s for working so hard to create a perfect day! Thank you to the boat captains for your crews and time today out on the water! Thank you to Port Lobster Company for the lobster donation and Sperry Tents Seacoast for the tent donation! A special thank you to all involved, it was a perfect Maine day for fishing and a lobster bake! And most importantly, an even more special thank you to our veterans for your dedication and sacrifice for our freedoms.

“Unique!” “One of a Kind!” “Personal!” Our New Coastal Clear Rental Tents Are Here!



We know couples are constantly looking for new, fresh, exciting ways to make their Wedding stand out. The perfect setting for such a memorable day is under one of our Crystal Clear Rental Tents!


With one of our Coastal Clear Rental Tents, an exclusive product of our tent rental company the possibilities are endless! If you are seeking breathtaking views of the Maine coastline, or envision saying “I Do” with the New Hampshire mountains in the background, or want to see the stars as you dance the night away, then look no further than our Coastal Clear Tents! With some special finishing touches offered by our tent rental team such as tent lighting, wood dance floors, and stages, your tented wedding is sure to be just as special as you are!

sperry-tents-coastal-clear-tent sperry-tents-coastal-clear-tent2

Don’t wait! Contact our tent rental professionals today and let the dream begin!



1Written by Anyonita Green   

From the rise of selfie sticks, to aerial wedding photography, keep a look out for these 2016 wedding reception trends! We look “across the pond” to see what the trends in Europe are this year for the use of electronics in weddings. Think of how nice a drone video would be flying over one of our Outdoor Wedding Tent Events.

Aerial Wedding Photography & Videography

Reliving your big day from the point of view of your guests is one thing, but seeing it from a bird’s eye view is completely different! Ever since the popularity of drones (flying, remote controlled cameras), people have been coming up with new and ingenious ways to incorporate them into everyday life. Cue the wedding drone. Continue reading

How to Keep the Bride Happy on the Wedding Day

Brides Jen Glantz5/13/2015



The number one question a bridesmaid or a maid of honor will ask themselves , will ask others, will even spend countless hours asking the internet is, “How can I be there for the bride the most?” Sure, being there in person is always helpful . Showing up for the engagement party and the bridal shower and even the bachelorette party. But when it comes down to it, the number one thing the bride is looking forward to you doing, is being there on her wedding day, being there to keep her calm and to help her shake off some of those nerves like only you know how to do. Want to know how to keep the bride happy, no matter what, on her wedding day? Here’s three tips to help make that happen.

1. Keep her well fed.

Make sure she’s eaten a good breakfast and a hearty lunch. Also make sure she’s well hydrated. Keep a couple of bottles of water around with a straw so she can take occasional sips — without ruining her lipstick.

2. Play some good tunes.

If things are feeling a little stressful or you feel the bride’s energy is slipping a little, bust out a playlist of her favorite songs . Turn the pre-wedding jitters into a pre-wedding dance party.

© Courtesy of CNP Montrose

3. Give her some space.

Depending on the size of the bridal party, the behind-the-scenes of the morning of the wedding can get a bit stuffy and loud. If there’s a lot going on, round up the other bridesmaids and ask everyone to give the bride a little breathing room and a mental break.


How To Rent a Wedding Tent

29-f3c86a66dcYou can’t pick your weather, but you can prepare for it Here is a great article on wedding and event tent rental pros and cons by MegHotchkiss, LVR Events in New York. Meg covers all the bases addressing the why when and how of renting a tent and all the associated equipment that goes inside the tent. We offer a complete solution for all your rental needs so give us a call we are ready to help.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that I learned early on in my career as an event planner—you can control a great number of things, but the weather will never be one of them. I know, I know. This isn’t want you want to hear. No one wants to rent a tent for their wedding. They can be expensive, and daunting to think about, and the sky is just so lovely this time of year. But if you have to rent a wedding tent (and don’t kid yourself: outdoor venue, no backup plan, high chance of rain? You may have to), then you’re going to want to make sure you price that in your “affordable and easy” outdoor venue cost early on, and then keep reading. Because there is actually (surprisingly) kind of a lot you need to know: Continue reading

The Perfect Look

In addition to beautiful, unique sailcloth tents, Sperry Tents is now also your full service event rental company.  We can handle all of the details to make your Sperry event a memorable and unique occasion.

Maybe you’re looking for farm tables, burlap runners and mason jars to complete the rustic feel.Rustic Wedding

Or maybe you’re looking for chivari ballroom chairs, platinum rimmed plates and satin linens to turn your event into a black tie affair.Formal Wedding

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of a white wedding.A white Wedding

Or maybe this is more your style.Blue and Gold

Whatever the look you’re dreaming of, we can help make it a reality.

Picture Perfect Church Landing

Spring, Summer, Fall… each New England season brings its own unique sights, sounds and colors. Being able to see the splendor of a venue at the peak of each season is such a treat, especially the Inns at Mill Falls in Meredith, NH which is right on the picture perfect banks of the beautiful Lake Winnepesauke. Guests are treated to a stunning lake view surrounded by trees as they witness the union of their friends and family under a 46×65 Sperry Tent. Church Landing hosts events under a Sperry almost every weekend from May through October and we were lucky enough to nab these images from the amazing Bharat Parmar of Bharat Parmar Photography. He truly captures the unique New England charm that Church Landing has to offer and all the fun and love that is celebrated under the big top!