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Dances with Horses Annual Gala

Windrush Farms is this incredible nonprofit specializing in teaching physically, emotionally, and learning disabled children and adults to ride and work with horses as a form of therapy. From recreational programs for children and adults without special needs, to Equine Assisted Activities including Therapeutic Riding to one-on-one Hippotherapy, the staff and the horses at Windrush have devoted […]

Dine with Design

I know I usually talk about the stunning architectural lines and shapes that the Sperry sailcloth tent is known for, but I’m going to take a break from talking Sperry and instead introduce you all to an amazing event at a one-of-a-kind venue focused entirely on architecture and providing artistic inspiration.  The second annual Dine with Design food […]

Blue Tie Affair

Communities aren’t just important, they are essential. They provide a secure support system in a common situation. Whether it’s a town community, a work community or a community united over a specific cause, knowing you can lean on others makes each challenge manageable, and each celebration that much more joyful!  Sperry Tents is always seeking […]

Sesquicentennial Gala at Mt. Washington

For the 99.7% of the population who don’t know what sesquicentennial means, it’s 150. And this year, the Mt. Washington Auto Road commemorated their sesquicentennial. (That’s a lot of candles!) And the team at Mt. Washington partied the whole summer long with an endless list of fun events celebrating the historic road and what it […]

Dancing with Horses

It’s hard coping with an illness or an injury no matter what age you are. It’s been proven that animals can be an incredible therapeutic companion for those who are trying to recover and can accelerate the recovery process. Whether it’s a dog, a cat, a rat (eek!) or a horse, animals have infinite patience and compassion […]

Mt. Washington Auto Road Celebrating 150 Years

Before the telephone, the light bulb and the camera – when there were only 34 states – people were traversing some of the most treacherous weather in the nation to reach the top of the Northeast’s highest peak via the oldest man-made tourist attraction in America – the Mt. Washington Auto Road. 150 years later, people are still fascinated by the allure and magic of the temperamental mountain, making the 7 mile trip in all types of vehicles for the ‘This Car Climbed Mt. Washington’ bumper sticker and those classic family photos.