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Ox Ridge Hunt Club Wedding

Truly the most amazing part of a wedding is the people. As someone who has both attended weddings and helped plan many weddings and events, I’ve seen first hand that timelines and detailed charts are mere formalities. It is the couple and the guests which make a truly fabulously fun and memorable event and John […]

Sesquicentennial Gala at Mt. Washington

For the 99.7% of the population who don’t know what sesquicentennial means, it’s 150. And this year, the Mt. Washington Auto Road commemorated their sesquicentennial. (That’s a lot of candles!) And the team at Mt. Washington partied the whole summer long with an endless list of fun events celebrating the historic road and what it […]

Dancing with Horses

It’s hard coping with an illness or an injury no matter what age you are. It’s been proven that animals can be an incredible¬†therapeutic¬†companion for those who are trying to recover and can accelerate the recovery process. Whether it’s a dog, a cat, a rat (eek!) or a horse, animals have infinite patience and compassion […]