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Sperry Tent Wedding in Tamworth, New Hampshire

Father and Daughter dancing under a Sperry Tent at Reserve the Preserve in Tamworth New Hampshire.  This New Hampshire Lakes Region resort has their own Sperry Sailcloth Wedding Tent and is a fabulous location for the New Hampshire wedding of your dreams.

15 Wedding Trends That Are In For 2019

Here’s an article in Shefinds Magazine by Linda DiProperzio on upcoming wedding trends for 2019.

For brides getting married in 2019, the wedding planning fun is just beginning. Planners and vendors are already seeing a crop of new trends popping up as they start to look towards the coming year. From food and flowers to attire and decor, here are 15 trends that are sure to be super hot in 2019.

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Annual Member Guest Tournament At Abenaqui Country Club

Our newest foreman Ryan Manning set this stunning  46×65 Sperry Tent at the Abenaqui Country Club in Rye New Hampshire.

This sailcloth wedding tent will be there all week for the annual member guest tournament.

18 Wedding First Dance Songs That Aren’t At All Cheesy

Here are 18 good wedding first songs put together by Brittany Wong of the Huffington Post. Sperry Tents of the Seacoast offers The elegant Sailcloth tent, or a coastal clear tent for your reception under the stars. We service New Hampshire, Maine and North Shore of Massachusetts. Give us a call and find out how the Sperry experience will make your outdoor tent rental carefree, so you can concentrate on enjoying your big day.


Brittany Wong

It isn’t easy to find a wedding first dance song that speaks to who you are as a couple and hasn’t been played a million times before.

Bri Swatek, owner of Spinning With Style in New York, recommends focusing on two things if you’re currently stuck on deciding.

“Focus on lyrics first. As a couple, you want to find a lyric that speaks to who you are together,” the DJ said. “Second, you want to find a sound and a tempo that’s easy to dance to ― especially if you plan to invite your friends and family to join you out on the dance floor.”

Need further inspiration? Below, Swatek and other wedding DJs offer their top recs for first dance songs that are romantic and unique.

  1. Sade ― “By Your Side”(Neptunes Remix)

“The lyrics, the vibe. It just makes you feel like no matter what, you love each other and will stand by each other unconditionally.” ― DJ Crystal, a DJ at VIP DJ Entertainment in Los Angeles

  1. Nelly Furtado — “Feel So Close”

“A Calvin Harris cover. It’s a pretty song and the original is a classic party banger so it maintains a lot of that fun.” ― DJ Jack Farmer, a DJ in Los Angeles

  1. Alicia Myers ― “I Want To Thank You”

“This song really encapsulates what the struggle feels like to find true love and the pure gratitude felt once it’s finally found. It also has a funk and R&B element, which naturally leads into a first dance set for your guests.” ― Nicole Otero, a DJ at TCM DJ Events in New York City

  1. Xavier Omar ― “Blind Man” 

“The beat and lyrics ― about how his partner is so much more that her physical appearance ― is perfect for a wedding.” ― DJ Chuck D Supreme, a DJ in Los Angeles, California 

  1. Led Zeppelin ― “All My Love”

“It’s a classic rock song, which is a little different for a wedding.” ― DJ CeeLos, a DJ in Southern California  

  1. Corinne Bailey Rae ― “Is This Love”

“The cover of Bob Marley has a smoky and romantic feel, but she sings it with such a beautiful vulnerability in her voice. It’s perfect for a couple starting their new journey together.” ― Ross Anderson owner of Bela Sono Music in Fairfax, Virginia 

  1. Chris Stapleton ― “Tennessee Whiskey”

“The pace makes it really easy to slow dance to. It’s not for everyone but for some, it’s extremely relatable and feels tailor-made just for them.”  ― DJ Isaac, a DJ at VIP DJ Entertainment in Los Angeles

  1. Lykke Li ― “Unchained Melody”

“This is a fresh and unique take on possibly one of the most classic love songs of all time. It’s slow and somber but full of passion. This song is great for couples that are true romantics.” ― Joey Farese of Electric Entertainment DJs in Los Angeles 

  1. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros ― “Home”

“I would have to say my favorite first dance song is ‘Home’ by Edward Sharpe. I really like it because it’s more upbeat and has a very fun, loving tone.” ― Stephen Vaughn, a DJ at Backthird in Chicago

  1. Matthew Koma ― “Years” (acoustic)

“I love when a couple picks a song that’s really meaningful to them, whether or not it sounds like a traditional first dance song. You can typically find an acoustic version if the normal version is too high-energy, like this acoustic version of the original.” ― Sean O’Hare, owner of PDX DJs in Portland, Oregon 

  1. Lana Del Rey ― “Lucky Ones”

“It’s a song that really isn’t on any lists, and the words are spot-on and very deep.” ―Allen Walker, owner of Big Daddy Walker Productions in Milford, Ohio 

  1. Pink Martini ― “Let’s Never Stop Falling in Love”

“It’s a triple crown song: lovely, upbeat and romantic.” ―Bernard Moore, owner of Rockin’ It DJs in New York City 

  1. Prince ― “Adore”

“We pretty much love everything Prince. The lyrics are perfect and you get that added funk that only Prince can bring to a track.” ―DJ Rockwala, a DJ at 5 Boro Sounds in New York City

  1. Ray LaMontagne ― “Let It Be Me” 

“With its simple production, focusing on the acoustic guitar and vocals, Ray LaMontagne’s ‘Let It Be Me’ really speaks to the ‘for better or worse’ vows you make on your wedding day, and to your promise be there for one another, together through it all.” ―Bri Swatek, owner of Spinning With Style in New York

  1. Van Morrison ― “Someone Like You” 

“It’s a classic that’s not overplayed.” ―Dave Mancini, a DJ in Southern California 

  1. John Mayer ― “XO”

“A great Beyonce cover (though you can’t go wrong with the original). If you prefer a more ‘romantic,’ acoustic style for your first dance, John Mayer’s version still sounds beautiful. It’s a perfect fit for a first dance.” ―DJ Jack Farmer, a DJ in Los Angeles

  1. Michael Jackson ― “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)”

“I am a huge fan of upbeat and super fun first dances, so this one of my favorite songs to recommend. The lyrics are perfect for the occasion and the song is also great to dance to. Everyone in the room will be tapping their feet.” ―DJ Keelez, a DJ in Los Angeles 

  1. Felix Jaehn ft. Jasmine Thompson ― “Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better)”

“This gives a more sensual twist to this classic song, that radiates hard on a summer night. When you want to show your guests (and the world) that you love each other but are willing to dance the night away on a moment’s notice, this song is the perfect blend of that.” ― DJ Flobito, a DJ in Los Angeles

This article originally appeared on HuffPost

The Average Wedding Cost In America Is Over $30,000 — But Here’s Where Couples Spend Way More Than That

Here is a fun article about how wedding costs can get crazy. There are advantages choosing an outdoor wedding under one of our many tents. Sperry Tents of the Seacoast offers The elegant Sailcloth tent, or a coastal clear tent for your reception under the stars. We service New Hampshire, Maine and North Shore of Massachusetts. Give us a call and find out how the Sperry experience will make your outdoor tent rental carefree, so you can concentrate on enjoying your big day.


Business Insider

Sarah Jacobs

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8 Wedding Registry Items For Film Fanatics


Erin Celletti

Comedies, dramas, action—doesn’t matter, you love them all. You’re a movie buff and you’re always looking to complement your hobby (or passion), whether you’re heading out to the theater or cozying up and watching a great movie from the comfort of your own home. Here are some things that all movie lovers—and perhaps wannabe movie makers!—should have in their lives. Why not add a few (or all) to your wedding registry?

Moviepass ($9.99)

Going to the movies is getting more and more expensive these days. Between the price of tickets, concessions, and parking/transportation, one movie can cost as much as getting a nice dinner. Does unlimited movies for less than $10 a month sound too good to be true? Thanks to Moviepass, it’s not. For just $9.99 every month, you can see one movie per day, as many as you can or want to fit in throughout the month. While there are a few caveats—it’s accepted in most, but not all, movie theaters, you can’t buy tickets in advance, and 3D and other specialized screenings are not included—Moviepass is a movie lover’s dream come true.

Sony X900 E ($1,199.99)

These days, between all the streaming services and premium cable channels, more moviesare available to us with the tap of a button than ever before. For optimal home viewing, having the right TV can make all the difference. What you want in a home TV for watching movies is bright colors and deep contrast, and the Sony X900E has what you need at a solid mid-price point. Whether you have the lights on or off, glares and fuzzy clouding will be gone, allowing you to lose yourself completely in the story.

Sonos Playbar ($699)

The better TV you have, the better the sound. However, the vast majority of TVs are lacking in the quality of the sound they output. If you want to come closer to replicating the pulse-pounding theater experience, a Sonos Playbar has you covered. This is a high-end soundbar, but for good reason. Sonos’ audio is among the best available to consumers, its sleek, minimalist design means it will go with whatever decor you’re sporting, and its wireless, Bluetooth technology makes setup easy. The Playbar is also part of Sonos’ 5.1 Surround Sound package, along with a subwoofer and two additional Play 1 surround speakers. If you really want to hear the movies as their sound teams meant for you to, the Surround Sound package won’t let you down.

Best of Warner Bros 20 Film Collection: Best Pictures ($62.28)

Perfect for when you want a cozy night in, think of this as all you’ll need for Netflix and chillsans the ‘flix and instead, with your own box set of Warner Bro’s 20 films that have won Best Picture. With well-known classic titles including Casablanca and Gone with The Wind, to more modern flicks like The Departed and The Lord of The Rings, there’s a movie for every mood.

Cuisinart Popcorn Maker (59.99)

Any movie can be hit or miss, but one guarantee is that popcorn greatly enhances the movie-watching experience. To get that fresh, movie theater taste in the comfort of your own home, grab this Cuisinart popcorn maker. It’s compact enough to not take up too much counter or cabinet space, and it makes 10 cups of popcorn in just three short minutes so you won’t miss any of the action.

Redbox Movie Night Gift Box ($66.99)

Sometimes you need something sweeter than popcorn, and this Redbox Gift Box from Hayneedle has you covered. In addition to all the sweets you need, the set comes with six movie rentals from Redbox, so you won’t have to wait for that movie you missed to come out on Netflix.

Masterclass ($180/year All-Access Pass)

Ever think about turning your passion for movies into something more than a hobby? A career, perhaps? It might seem like a distant dream, but you have to begin somewhere, and what better way to start than learning about making movies directly from the experts. Thanks to Masterclass, you can do just that. At-your-pace, online courses from Masterclass cover a wide range of subjects, and their film category is stacked with high-profile experts. Learn screenwriting from the writer of hit movies like A Few Good Men, Moneyball and The Social Network‘s Aaron Sorkin, or learn filmmaking from renowned director and documentarian Werner Herzog. There’s also an acting course taught by Samuel L. Jackson and an upcoming filmmaking class from the great Martin Scorsese.

Roger Ebert’s The Great Movies ($9.99 and up)

Roger Ebert is one of the most well-known and respected movie critics of all time. While famous for co-hosting At the Movies with Gene Siskel and later Richard Roeper, Ebert’s words are what gave him his notoriety. Through the course of his career, Ebert compiled three books of essays on what he considered the greatest films of all time. The Great Movies Vol. IVol. II, and Vol. III are all a must-have for movie lovers. After watching a classic, there’s nothing better than opening up and taking in Ebert’s expert commentary.

Why Should You Hire A Wedding Planner?

You were just engaged. You’ve agreed on a day to get married and decide on a destination wedding in Maine.  Planning your own wedding is a fairytale come true…but is it?  Is hiring a professional to assist the way to the fairytale ending?

We took the time to reach out to some local event experts for their advice on why the key to planning the perfect day really lies with hiring a professional.  Here’s what they can help you accomplish: Continue reading

8 Wedding Etiquette Rules You Can’t Break—Period

Reader’s Digest

Fiona Tapp


It’s alarming how many guests simply don’t return an RSVP card. Couples base the entire day on their guest count so it really is unacceptable to turn up without notice. ‘Send your RSVP in as soon as possible,’ advises Larissa Banting, wedding specialist and creator of The Lazy Bride Blog. ‘Nothing is more frustrating to a couple than having a number of guests MIA. Once you commit, you have to show up, short of being on death’s door. And don’t forget to write your name on the RSVP card! It’s amazing how many blank cards couples receive and they have no idea who just RSVP’d!’ Ivy Jacobson, planning editor from The Knot warns, ‘Don’t be one of the five percent of guests that sends in their RSVP one week or less before the big day.’ (Find out the etiquette rules every bridesmaid should follow.) Continue reading

A Wedding Registry Specialist Shares Her Expert Advice

The Cut

Lauren Schwartzberg

In our Ask the Experts series, New York Weddings gets tips and advice from professionals in disciplines from dress design to elopement planning

Shan-Lyn Ma

CEO and founder of Zola

Zola started as an online registry, but you added some new services this year. Why the expansion?

We noticed people were using six to eight different apps for wedding-planning tasks; we wanted to put them all in one place so you just need one service. We created over 30 wedding website templates that couples can choose from, a guest-list management tool where you can keep track of RSVPs and people’s addresses, and a customizable to-do checklist where you answer a few questions about yourself and then we generate a list of what you need to get done and when. Continue reading