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6 Things All Couples Should Do In Their First Year of Marriage

PureWow editor@purewow.com (PureWow)

We’re not kidding: It’s easy to lose yourself in logistics during the year leading up to “I do.” After you get back from your honeymoon, take a beat and give yourselves time to rediscover (or reinvent) your pre-engagement routine. Because think about it: After-work hours and weekends are no longer lost to Pinterest searches and general wedding to-dos. This leaves a void that you and your spouse might want to fill with a new hobby or house project—it’s up to you


We’re not kidding: It’s easy to lose yourself in logistics during the year leading up to “I do.” After you get back from your honeymoon, take a beat and give yourselves time to rediscover (or reinvent) your pre-engagement routine. Because think about it: After-work hours and weekends are no longer lost to Pinterest searches and general wedding to-dos. This leaves a void that you and your spouse might want to fill with a new hobby or house project—it’s up to you


If you kept your maiden name, you can skip this point. If not, you’ll need to head on over to the DMV and jumpstart the process of updating everything from your license to your social security card to your passport, not to mention your credit cards, voter registration and mailing address. Cue the time-suck.


The financial pressure of paying for a wedding has been lifted. (Whoa, you can breathe again.) But the money conversations are just getting started. For example: Do you and your partner have a plan for merging finances? Have you updated your tax info? And what’s on the horizon for you both? (Kids? A new home?) Whatever financial hurdle is coming next, now’s the time to talk about it—and budget for it. (You may even want to seek the counsel of a financial advisor. Your call.)


“The honeymoon’s over.” The three saddest words ever uttered. Soften the blow by fantasizing together about the top three places you’d like to go for your next trip. Even if you don’t book it immediately, you can target a few dates—say, six months from now or perfectly timed for your one-year anniversary. Even if the tickets haven’t been booked, it’s something to look forward to, right? (Plus, you can team up to keep your eyes peeled for airfare deals.)


Sure, you’ve thrown a soiree in your time, but a dinner post getting hitched? That just feels next level. The main reason? You’ve now got tons of cool registry items to bust out (like that pretty glass platter from Aunt Edna and those stemless wine glasses that you make you feel like you actually have your life together). Plus, you’re kind of over being the center of attention for a bit. A dinner party is the easiest (and most fun way) to catch up with close pals.


True story: The first year of marriage goes by quick. You’d be surprised how easy it is to blow right past it, which is why it never hurts to pop a couple of reminders in your phone. We recommend one two weeks out and one day of. (The goal is to give yourself plenty of time to plan something thoughtful—and maybe pick up a paper-themed gift.)

Private Residence Wedding In Kennebunkport, ME

A beautiful garden party themed ceremony at a private residence in Kennebunkport, ME was the perfect location to celebrate. This color palette used certainly emphasized the natural beauty surrounding the location, along with the choice of using farm tables and a wine barrel bar.

Items Rented:

Cross Back Chairs

Farm Tables

Dishes, Linens, Glassware

Wine Barrel Bar


47 Best Wedding Songs Of 2017


Blair Donovan

Few things can define your wedding reception quite like your music selection. So, if you’re getting married in the near future, you need to pick the best of the best wedding songs from 2017 to truly set the tone. As if you weren’t already stressed out enough from picking out your incredibly heartfelt first dance and father-daughter dance songs, you also have to consider your playlist for the rest of the reception. The pressure’s on to please the crowd and keep your guests tearing up the dance floor (because nothing puts the fun in weddings quite like a good dance sesh).

Whether you rented a live band or went the DJ route, it might seem like the easy way out to delegate the music choices to these vendors, but you’re better than that! Having a say in your reception songs falls on the same level of importance as selecting your dinner menu(yes, it’s THAT big of a deal). While your estranged cousin Bob will probably still request constantly overplayed wedding tunes like “Shout” or “Sweet Caroline,” give your reception a present-day vibe and keep the energy alive with our picks of the 47 best wedding songs from 2017. From upbeat pop favorites to romantic first dance tunes, these beats will keep friends and family on their feet (uncomfortable high heels tossed to the side and all) and make your reception one for the books. Continue reading

A Do The Right Thing Puppy Story

JJ Roberts the new 6-year-old pup of Tom and Kathy Roberts.

Tom is the Production manager at Sperry Tents Seacoast and has spent the last 4 years ensuring that our clients expectations are exceeded; no matter what it takes.

JJ desperately needed a new home and Tom happily took JJ in as a part of the family.  He joins Max and Ruby who are 9 years old.

Tom didn’t necessarily need a third dog, but he believes in “Doing the right thing” and wanted to provide a good home for JJ.  Although doing the right thing isn’t always easy, it’s the right thing for JJ and that’s all that matters.

Happy to say JJ is very happy, healthy, and having a great time in his new home.

Jack Sparrow And The Pirates Of The Caribbean


A company is as strong as its people.  A family is as  strong as its members.  Sperry Tents Seacoast is as strong as Deborah Parkin.

Deborah is the owner for Sperry Tents Seacoast.

Sperry’s has written core values developed by its employees.  It is the foundation of what makes our company special.

Our number one core value of “Doing The Right Thing” is a testament to Deborah.  She always makes time to help.  She is available 24/7 to help employees.  She is part of the 24/7 on call team to help make insure our Brides have the Sperry Service experience.

She has a heart of gold. We call Deb ” mother nature”

On Sunday Deborah found a injured House Sparrow in our yard.  The sparrow was missing half its feathers and couldn’t open one eye.    Deborah put the sparrow in a spare room inside her house for the night.   On Monday after doing payroll Deborah drove the sparrow to the Center For Wildlife in York Maine  https://www.thecenterforwildlife.org/.   to be re-habitated and returned to the wild once he is healthy.

Deb told me this morning that she has named the bird Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Secret Sneaky Ways To Save Money As A Wedding Guest



Natalie Gontcharova

A couple of years back, I flew to Paris for the wedding of a dear friend. I spent untold amounts on plane tickets, staying in a little boutique hotel in the Marais, and all the obligatory gallivanting, eating, and drinking this type of trip inspires. We danced until 7 a.m. and watched the sunrise over the Seine. Emotionally, it was extremely worth it; financially, not so much. A freelancer at the time, I came home to a bright-red negative number in my bank account and immediately started hustling for gigs, any gigs.

Why am I telling this story? Because I’ve since learned that weddings — even ones where you have to fly to Paris — don’t have to be a financial burden on the guest. There’s an oft-cited survey from The Knot that found guests spending an average of $118 on a gift, $321 on travel, $322 on accommodations, and $81 on attire, with a grand total of over $800 spent per guest on each occasion. If you analyze these costs, you’ll find many avoidable expenses. Continue reading

July Wedding In Kennebunkport Maine


Sperry tents Seacoast and lilybrooke events, Brooke Sheldon pulled off another stunning wedding for the lucky couple. Their Ceremony was at St. Ann’s Seaside Chapel Their afterparty was at Kennebunk River Club. Let them eat cake handled the cake. Mr Boddingtons Studio did the stationary. The wedding found its way into the Maine mag. They were quoted in the Maine Mag saying “We loved that we could not only be at a chapel but be outdoors overlooking the water as the lobster boats rode by”.

Caterer: the white apron, Jay Curcio owner and head chef
Ocean roll food truck for late night,
Florist:  Calluna fine flowers
breamcdonald photographer

September Wedding In Woodstock, Vermont

We were hired by Lani Toscano Design of Portland Maine to travel with her to Woodstock Vermont for this beautiful Sept 9 wedding. This is a fully floored 32×90 Sperry Tent   Wow! We also supplied Onion Lights on the center poles with draped Bistro Lighting. What a great event working with awesome people. Thank you Lani for the kind words written below.

Good morning,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your energy, dedication and commitment to your craft.  This weekend was filled with much joy and love and it all came together because of each one of you and your teams.  We all know what these events take and the months and hours that go into them and I am very grateful for everyone’s insight – time and contribution.

May the rest of your wedding/ event/ fall season bring YOU joy.

Thanks for making that gorgeous little corner of Vermont even just a bit more extra special this weekend.

All the best,


Smuttynose Brewery at 105 Towle Farm Rd Hampton New Hampshire A Wedding Destination

What a beautiful fall photo of the barn at Smuttynose Brewery at 105 Towle Farm Rd Hampton New Hampshire.  Sperry Tents Seacoast is working with Leslie Wiseman of The Love Affair Event Planning of Portsmouth New Hampshire on four different wedding this coming summer at the brewery. https://www.loveaffairsuite.net/

This is the Seacoast  New Hampshire’s  newest and most exciting wedding venue.  There is room for wedding among the beautiful oak trees up to 300 guests. https://smuttynose.com/

Sperry Tents of The Seacoast was on the road bright and early the first business day of 2018.  Michael Parkin went to the North Shore of Massachusetts to the beautiful town of Manchester By The Sea, Massachusetts.  Sperry did a site review at Coolidge Point Road for a summer 2018.   We will be providing a 46×105 Sperry Sailcloth Tent, a full tent floor, bistro lights and a bandstand stage.  We are also quoting our new portable restroom trailer.