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10 Things You Should NOT Forget to Rent

Found  this great article on things you should not forget to rent for your wedding reception. Pretty much covers the list of major rent must haves. So, enjoy.

Sperry Tents of the Seacoast offers The elegant Sailcloth tent, or a coastal clear tent for your reception under the stars. We service New Hampshire, Maine and North Shore of Massachusetts. Give us a call and find out how the Sperry experience will make your outdoor tent rental carefree, so you can concentrate on enjoying your big day.

By Caitlin Krebs

If you’ve been planning your wedding with the help of WeddingWire’s free checklist, you already know you should finalize your rentals about two to three months before your wedding.

Whether they are included with your venue or not, there are few rental items that should not go unaccounted for.

You might have heard just about everyone ask, “Do you have a Plan B?” If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, it’s a good idea to have a tent at the ready in case of inclement weather—and that doesn’t just include rain. Your guests should be kept comfortable and shielded from blazing sun or billowing winds. But that’s not all—a marquis entrance, gutters, clear sides, and pole covers are neeed, too. Are you a fan of draping fabric across the tent’s ceiling? Include that as well.

Tables and Chairs
Obviously, tables and chairs are important for you and your guests to sit during the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception—but don’t forget about other spots throughout your wedding where tables and chairs are necessary. Your musicians need a place to sit and lay instruments on. Add another table for your gifts and cards, another for your seating assignments, another for your cake and desserts, and another for your favors.

Dance Floor
Many venues will have a dance floor included, but for those that don’t, depending on how many guests are attending, you’ll be able to determine the size of your dance floor. Wood is the most common type, but there are other options. You can also project your customized monogram onto your dance floor using a special lighting projection called a gobo.

If you’re hosting a backyard wedding or a wedding in a rural venue, you may need to rent a generator. Think about how much electricity it requires to power your wedding. Your event space needs it to turn on the lights, your caterer needs it cook and bake, your DJ needs it to play music, and your maid of honor and best man needs it to give their toasts via a microphone and set of speakers.

Linens and Napkins
There are a wide variety of table linen styles and fabrications out there—pick the ones that suit your overall wedding theme the best, and don’t be afraid to mix and match. We love the sequins, stripes, honeycomb, and damask designs.

Dinnerware, Flatware, and Barware
How else would your guests be able to eat and drink? Don’t forget chargers and serving plates, forks, knives, spoons, red and white wine glasses, water glasses, champagne flutes, highball glasses, rock glasses, and coffee mugs. And maybe something extra special for those signature drinks like mason jars.

Floral Accoutrements
Fresh, lush flowers will go a long way to make your big day look amazing, but what do you put them all in? That’s where your florist comes in. Opt to rent arches, aisle marker stands, vases, vessels, votives, lanterns, candelabras, etc.

Lounge Furniture
Give your guests a quiet area to rest their feet. Arrange a family room layout with vintage couches, armchairs, coffee table, maybe a rug, and more.

Note: This is only applicable for some couples and venue types. However, restrooms are obviously a requirement, and rented facilities are usually quite spacious and well-appointed.

Talk to your vendors (particularly your caterer) about other types of rentals you might need. For example, bartenders need coolers for cocktails to reach the perfect temperature, and the catering staff needs pitchers to refill water glasses.

9 Church Wedding Decorations to Enhance Your Ceremony


Blair Donovan


Once you’ve pegged the perfect parish to wed your sweetheart, next up comes finding corresponding church wedding decorations for the big day that can compete with timeless architecture, stained glass windows, and grandiose chandeliers that could (almost) upstage your wedding dress. Unlike other wedding venues, churches demand a certain degree of respect and appreciation because of their sacred affiliations, meaning your visions of oriental rugs lining the aisle or a ceremony backdrop are probably ill-suited for this incredibly intimate and religious setting. In fact, your parish may even have certain restrictions when it comes to wedding decor.

But, the good news is that you can still maintain a fresh, modern vibe in your church wedding venue that speaks to yours and your future spouse’s styles. Another bonus—from the altar to the pews to the aisles, you have no shortage of spots to beautify. No matter how big or small your church of choice is, put your own spin on the space with greenery (think plenty of garlands, wreaths, and even faux leaves), signage, lanterns, and more. Check out our roundup of nine church wedding decorations to enhance your religious ceremony that will personalize the venue without detracting from its preexisting appeal. Continue reading

18 Wedding First Dance Songs That Aren’t At All Cheesy

Here are 18 good wedding first songs put together by Brittany Wong of the Huffington Post. Sperry Tents of the Seacoast offers The elegant Sailcloth tent, or a coastal clear tent for your reception under the stars. We service New Hampshire, Maine and North Shore of Massachusetts. Give us a call and find out how the Sperry experience will make your outdoor tent rental carefree, so you can concentrate on enjoying your big day.


Brittany Wong

It isn’t easy to find a wedding first dance song that speaks to who you are as a couple and hasn’t been played a million times before.

Bri Swatek, owner of Spinning With Style in New York, recommends focusing on two things if you’re currently stuck on deciding.

“Focus on lyrics first. As a couple, you want to find a lyric that speaks to who you are together,” the DJ said. “Second, you want to find a sound and a tempo that’s easy to dance to ― especially if you plan to invite your friends and family to join you out on the dance floor.”

Need further inspiration? Below, Swatek and other wedding DJs offer their top recs for first dance songs that are romantic and unique.

  1. Sade ― “By Your Side”(Neptunes Remix)

“The lyrics, the vibe. It just makes you feel like no matter what, you love each other and will stand by each other unconditionally.” ― DJ Crystal, a DJ at VIP DJ Entertainment in Los Angeles

  1. Nelly Furtado — “Feel So Close”

“A Calvin Harris cover. It’s a pretty song and the original is a classic party banger so it maintains a lot of that fun.” ― DJ Jack Farmer, a DJ in Los Angeles

  1. Alicia Myers ― “I Want To Thank You”

“This song really encapsulates what the struggle feels like to find true love and the pure gratitude felt once it’s finally found. It also has a funk and R&B element, which naturally leads into a first dance set for your guests.” ― Nicole Otero, a DJ at TCM DJ Events in New York City

  1. Xavier Omar ― “Blind Man” 

“The beat and lyrics ― about how his partner is so much more that her physical appearance ― is perfect for a wedding.” ― DJ Chuck D Supreme, a DJ in Los Angeles, California 

  1. Led Zeppelin ― “All My Love”

“It’s a classic rock song, which is a little different for a wedding.” ― DJ CeeLos, a DJ in Southern California  

  1. Corinne Bailey Rae ― “Is This Love”

“The cover of Bob Marley has a smoky and romantic feel, but she sings it with such a beautiful vulnerability in her voice. It’s perfect for a couple starting their new journey together.” ― Ross Anderson owner of Bela Sono Music in Fairfax, Virginia 

  1. Chris Stapleton ― “Tennessee Whiskey”

“The pace makes it really easy to slow dance to. It’s not for everyone but for some, it’s extremely relatable and feels tailor-made just for them.”  ― DJ Isaac, a DJ at VIP DJ Entertainment in Los Angeles

  1. Lykke Li ― “Unchained Melody”

“This is a fresh and unique take on possibly one of the most classic love songs of all time. It’s slow and somber but full of passion. This song is great for couples that are true romantics.” ― Joey Farese of Electric Entertainment DJs in Los Angeles 

  1. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros ― “Home”

“I would have to say my favorite first dance song is ‘Home’ by Edward Sharpe. I really like it because it’s more upbeat and has a very fun, loving tone.” ― Stephen Vaughn, a DJ at Backthird in Chicago

  1. Matthew Koma ― “Years” (acoustic)

“I love when a couple picks a song that’s really meaningful to them, whether or not it sounds like a traditional first dance song. You can typically find an acoustic version if the normal version is too high-energy, like this acoustic version of the original.” ― Sean O’Hare, owner of PDX DJs in Portland, Oregon 

  1. Lana Del Rey ― “Lucky Ones”

“It’s a song that really isn’t on any lists, and the words are spot-on and very deep.” ―Allen Walker, owner of Big Daddy Walker Productions in Milford, Ohio 

  1. Pink Martini ― “Let’s Never Stop Falling in Love”

“It’s a triple crown song: lovely, upbeat and romantic.” ―Bernard Moore, owner of Rockin’ It DJs in New York City 

  1. Prince ― “Adore”

“We pretty much love everything Prince. The lyrics are perfect and you get that added funk that only Prince can bring to a track.” ―DJ Rockwala, a DJ at 5 Boro Sounds in New York City

  1. Ray LaMontagne ― “Let It Be Me” 

“With its simple production, focusing on the acoustic guitar and vocals, Ray LaMontagne’s ‘Let It Be Me’ really speaks to the ‘for better or worse’ vows you make on your wedding day, and to your promise be there for one another, together through it all.” ―Bri Swatek, owner of Spinning With Style in New York

  1. Van Morrison ― “Someone Like You” 

“It’s a classic that’s not overplayed.” ―Dave Mancini, a DJ in Southern California 

  1. John Mayer ― “XO”

“A great Beyonce cover (though you can’t go wrong with the original). If you prefer a more ‘romantic,’ acoustic style for your first dance, John Mayer’s version still sounds beautiful. It’s a perfect fit for a first dance.” ―DJ Jack Farmer, a DJ in Los Angeles

  1. Michael Jackson ― “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)”

“I am a huge fan of upbeat and super fun first dances, so this one of my favorite songs to recommend. The lyrics are perfect for the occasion and the song is also great to dance to. Everyone in the room will be tapping their feet.” ―DJ Keelez, a DJ in Los Angeles 

  1. Felix Jaehn ft. Jasmine Thompson ― “Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better)”

“This gives a more sensual twist to this classic song, that radiates hard on a summer night. When you want to show your guests (and the world) that you love each other but are willing to dance the night away on a moment’s notice, this song is the perfect blend of that.” ― DJ Flobito, a DJ in Los Angeles

This article originally appeared on HuffPost

6th Annual Seacoast S.O.S Gala

Sperry Tents Seacoast in conjunction with Easter Seals is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s Veterans Count SOS being held at Runnymede Farm in North Hampton New Hampshire.  This is a major fundraiser designed to bring  comprehensive, emergency aid to veterans and their families whose quality of life was significantly impacted by deployment to war zones.

Please visit the website and help support our veterans !

Check out all the information on the link below.



Here are 10 good reasons to have tented weddings. Sperry Tents of the Seacoast offers The elegant Sailcloth tent, or a coastal clear tent for your reception under the stars. We service New Hampshire, Maine and North Shore of Massachusetts. Give us a call and find out how the Sperry experience will make your outdoor tent rental carefree, so you can concentrate on enjoying your big day.

Whether you are producing a small event or a big event, having a tent will always come in handy. Here are 10 of the best reasons why.

  1. Weather. As we all know, weather can be so unpredictable. If you are planning for an event in advance it’s impossible to know what the weather will be like the day of. Having a tent can save you and your guests from the rain and give you shade from the bright sun.
  2. Food. Having a tent can help to create a space and protect your food from outdoor temperatures.
  3. Customize. Having an event with a tent means that you can customize the layout of your event space. Need multiple levels? No problem. Need several rooms inside one giant space? Sure, why not. Do you want clear walls and ceilings so that your indoor event will look and feel as if it were outdoors? Sounds good to me.
  4. Atmosphere. Think of a tent as a blank canvas. With the right décor, it will allow you to create any mood you want your event to have whether you want it to be elegant, dramatic, or even casual and relaxed. Whatever the mood, it all starts with the tent.
  5. Location. One of the best qualities of a tent is that you can reasonably place it anywhere you need to. No need to limit yourself, dream big.
  6. Bugs. Everyone hates mosquitoes. We all know you’re lying if you say you don’t. A tent with walls will keep those pesky bugs away, saving your guests from a weeks worth of itchiness.
  7. VIP. Certain events require a separate place for VIP guests to gather and be entertained. A tent can definitely provide this place if there isn’t one available.
  8. Size. The beauty about tents is that they come in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter how many guests you have because there will always be a tent size that can accommodate it.
  9. Sound. Tents can act as sound barriers making the sound inside much more lively and controlled within the structure.
  10. Experience. All of the reasons above can ensure that your guests have a once in a lifetime experience.

The Wedding Trends To Keep And Ditch In 2018

Found  this great article on predicting the trend in weddings for the 2018 season. There are 7 industry experts giving you information that could be valuable to you. So, enjoy.

Sperry Tents of the Seacoast offers The elegant Sailcloth tent, or a coastal clear tent for your reception under the stars. We service New Hampshire, Maine and North Shore of Massachusetts. Give us a call and find out how the Sperry experience will make your outdoor tent rental carefree, so you can concentrate on enjoying your big day.


Anna Price Olson

Published on December 6, 2017

We asked some of the country’s top planners to predict the future. Continue reading



Here is a great article on 2018 Wedding trends by Mindy Weiss. She is worth the follow if you are involved in planning a wedding.

Sperry Tents of the Seacoast offers The elegant Sailcloth tent, or a coastal clear tent for your wedding or event. We service New Hampshire, Maine and North Shore of Massachusetts. Give us a call and find out how the Sperry experience will make your outdoor tent rental carefree, so you can concentrate on enjoying your big day.


Hi friends! Can’t believe we’re already well into 2018! Time sure is flying. As I do every year, I love to predict what trends will be big in the wedding world for the upcoming year. I take inspiration from the runway, home décor trends and, of course, what my current clients are asking for. With that in mind, here’s what I think will be a few of the biggest wedding trends in 2018:

  • Gift lounges for destination weddings. Rather than favors, many couples doing luxury destination weddings are opting for a gifting lounge – a small, styled area with a variety of small gifts and snacks for guests to choose from. It’s such a memorable and thoughtful experience for guests.
  • Colored Candles.Candles will always add such a cozy ambience to any wedding. But this year, instead of the standard white and ivory candles, I think couples will add a splash of color to their décor accents. Candles in striking colors on your tablescapes or peppered throughout the event space are such an easy way to add something unexpected to your décor.
  • Italian Inspiration.I predict couples adding a touch of Italy to their weddings over the next year. Italian linen tablecloths and napkins in a variety of colors will make things feel more luxe. I also think Italy will be a popular pick for destination weddings this year. While beach and island locales are always popular, a destination wedding in Italy is a great European getaway for family and friends.
  • Amaranthus –It’s baaack! Just another example of how trends can come back around. So many couples are asking to incorporate Amaranthus in their décor. The cascading plant gives floral pieces a lush feel and the bold color adds some interest.
  • Greenery –Clear tents with greenery installations instead of fabric treatments will be a huge hit for outdoor events next year. Using greenery adds that natural element and makes things feel so organic and crispy. Perfect for spring and summer weddings!

 What wedding trends are you most excited for in 2018?



The Average Wedding Cost In America Is Over $30,000 — But Here’s Where Couples Spend Way More Than That

Here is a fun article about how wedding costs can get crazy. There are advantages choosing an outdoor wedding under one of our many tents. Sperry Tents of the Seacoast offers The elegant Sailcloth tent, or a coastal clear tent for your reception under the stars. We service New Hampshire, Maine and North Shore of Massachusetts. Give us a call and find out how the Sperry experience will make your outdoor tent rental carefree, so you can concentrate on enjoying your big day.


Business Insider

Sarah Jacobs

Continue reading

Everything You Need to Consider When Choosing A Tent For Your Reception

Here is another great article on the advantages of tented weddings. Sperry Tents of the Seacoast offers The elegant Sailcloth tent, or a coastal clear tent for your reception under the stars. We service New Hampshire, Maine and North Shore of Massachusetts. Give us a call and find out how the Sperry experience will make your outdoor tent rental carefree, so you can concentrate on enjoying your big day.

One of the more popular venues for bride and grooms who want to be outdoors but don’t want to fall subject to the weather are tented receptions. The best part of throwing your party inside a tent is that it’s totally customizable — unlike the landscaping or layout of a garden or the interior of a hall or estate. If you want to pitch the biggest party of your life in a tent, here’s what you need to consider beforehand. *

Tents are whatever you want to make them. From size to flooring and even climate control (need heat or extra AC? No problem!) the options are endless when choosing a tent. There are, however, a lot of things to keep in mind when shopping for the place you’ll party as Mr. and Mrs. First, unless you’re hosting a reception in a private backyard, you must ask your venue’s location if a tent is allowed and where they recommend it’s set-up. If the venue confirms that it is allowed, then ask if they work with a particular tent vendor or have a few recommendations — tent prices can vary and you’ll want to ensure you find a reputable dealer. Most of all, don’t forget that everything added on to a tent — whether its bathrooms, sound systems, generators, ground cover, dance floor, permits, etc — will come at an extra cost, so be sure to accommodate the necessities in your budget and compare prices across companies. Lastly you better go see the tent before you order it! No one needs a hidden surprise on the day of their wedding.

Positive Outlook As Smuttynose Moves Forward

Sperry Tents Seacoast is super excited that Smuttynose Brewing  on Towle Farm Rd in Hampton NH has been purchased by the local investors of Runnymede Investors, North Hampton NH.

Sperry Tents Seacoast is providing signature Sperry Tents for six weddings at Smuttynose this summer. It is great to have locally owned family businesses  working toward a common good! Congratulations Smuttynose!


HAMPTON — Peter Egelston was pained to watch Smuttynose Brewing Co., the craft brewery he launched 24 years ago, taken from his hands at a foreclosure auction March 9. He shed a tear as he watched bids for Smuttynose and its $24 million facility, a brewing palace on Towle Farm Road, drop from $10 million to $6 million.

No one expected the bids to drop so low that The Provident Bank would need to buy it back with a protective $8.25 million bid, said Egelston, not even the bankers. He stood at the side of the auction inside the brewery with his partner Joanne Francis.

“This was my life’s work,” Egelston said. “It was tough to see it up on the block, and it was especially tough to see the bids stall where it did. It’s hard not to take that a little bit personally.”

The two weeks since the auction have been tough for Egelston and Francis, who announced the foreclosure sale in January following financial struggles brought on by changes in the craft brewing industry.

But the purchase of Smuttynose by a group of North Hampton investors, Runnymede Investments, has Egelston hopeful the brand will turn around. Now at the helm as CEO is former Boston Beer Co. CFO Rich Lindsay, a longtime beer executive Egelston trusts has the strong sense of numbers and relationship-building skills needed for success in the industry.

“What was a pretty significant setback for Joanne and me personally certainly opened up an opportunity for investors to come in and get a great deal on a great company, and I’m happy somebody did,” said Egelston, who for now remains president of the company.

Runnymede’s purchase was announced a week after the auction, its owners stating they hope to keep Smuttynose alive as a New Hampshire staple. Lindsay and Egelston said changes will hopefully include the introduction of new products, but the brand will stay much the same.

That brand, they said, has continued to hold a fan base despite the financial struggles. Lindsay said the brand’s recognizable artwork, from the two old geezers on the Finestkind IPA label to the image of Egelston’s late weinheimer Olive on the Old Brown Dog bottle, will remain.

As news of the sale spread, Lindsay said frustrated Smuttynose fans sent pictures of their favorite beers in their cases, showing the brand “means something to them.”

“That was not the thing that put us off on our pins, the brand itself,” Egelston said. “Through thick and thin, that… has been our strong suit.”

Egelston is excited by the prospect of ramping up production of new products, which became difficult in recent years due to the financial difficulties. He said the company started curtailing new releases about a year ago, focusing on company standouts as it tightened spending.

“That’s always been an important part of what we’ve done, is kind of having a rhythm of new beer releases coming out into the market,” he said. “It’s just one of the things we’ve all missed.”

What new types of beers could be introduced, Lindsay said, is hard to say. Smuttynose already covers the spectrum of beers, he said, including year-round IPAs, lagers and porters as well as seasonal brews like its Oktoberfest and its cherry and plum flavored Smistletoe.

Egelston said the brewery has a sizeable back catalogue of discontinued beers he suspects would be more successful if released today. He recalled the cherry-flavored Hanami Ale, a sour that was not a big seller when released around 2004. Sours have since become increasingly popular, he said.

“That’s the first one I always think about when I think about a beer that was before it’s time,” Egelston said. “Maybe someday we’ll take another swing at it.”

Putting Smuttynose beer in cans was listed as a priority by Lindsay the day Runnymede was announced as the buyer, though products will still be sold in bottles as well. Lindsay said Smuttynose’s core beers will be on store shelves in 60 to 90 days, the brewery first using a portable canning system before installing its own in-house canning operation several months down the road. The permanent canning line will be capable of filling 250 cans per minute, though Lindsay and Egelston said the line will most likely operate at a speed of 175 to 180 cans per minute.

Lindsay said more sales representatives will be hired to improve the brand’s presence in markets where Smuttynose relies on wholesalers to push its beer alongside numerous other brands.

He said holding more events on Smuttynose’s 13-acre campus, which he called a “beautiful piece of property,” could also generate revenue. The campus includes Hayseed Restaurant.

“I think there’s a lot of opportunity to get the community engaged, for people to experience the brand,” Lindsay said.

Egelston has been praised for helping lay the groundwork for the craft beer industry in New Hampshire. Many Seacoast brewers say they got their start at Smuttynose and appreciate what the brand has done for the Granite State beer scene.

Egelston has said the boom in craft breweries the last several years was a big factor in Smuttynose’s growth dropping. Some owners of smaller area breweries said Smuttynose’s struggles following its move to Hampton serve as a warning against growing too quickly in a rapidly changing industry. The company started on Heritage Avenue in 1994 and opened its new facility in 2014.

Egelston was reluctant to say what he might have done differently, saying, “You’re going to have to read my memoirs for that.”

Egelston and Francis will still own the Portsmouth Brewery, which he opened in 1991, but keeping that brewery and restaurant does little to soften the blow of the Smuttynose sale, he admits.

“I wouldn’t say I get solace in knowing I still have the Brewery, but it’s certainly a business that I’m very attached to and very involved with,” he said. “Downtown Portsmouth is where I’ve been doing business for 28 years and that’s not changing.”

Egelston said he wishes he could give a more definitive answer on his future with Smuttynose, but that, he said, is still being worked out with the new ownership. At 59, though, he said any conversation about the long-term is different than for someone much younger.

“We’re just not quite there yet,” Egelston said of finalizing his future with Smuttynose. “I’m not going away. I do feel comfortable saying that.”